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  1. United States secures HEU-free supply of Mo-99
  2. UK company requested five grams of HEU for radiation detectors
  3. 2020 civilian plutonium declarations submitted to the IAEA
  4. US DOE and NRC at odds with regard to prospects for commercial reprocessing in the US
  5. U.S. plutonium pit production: Key updates
  6. United States and Kazakhstan work to eliminate HEU fuel of research reactors
  7. U.S. and Norway will work together to downblend Norwegian HEU
  8. 2019 civilian plutonium and HEU declarations submitted to the IAEA
  9. Decommissioning the reprocessing plant in West Valley, New York
  10. U.S. to export small amount of HEU to Belgium for safeguards applications
  11. US study of reactor and fuel types to enable naval reactors to shift from HEU fuel
  12. Five controversial fissile-material-related items in the Department of Energy's FY2021 Budget Request
  13. United States to continue export of HEU for medical isotope production
  14. US debates its future needs for enriched uranium for military and other purposes
  15. U.S. plutonium pit production plans advance, with new requirements
  16. 2018 civilian plutonium and HEU declarations submitted to the IAEA
  17. Shipments of U.S. spent fuel to the Idaho National Laboratory
  18. Exports of U.S. civilian HEU
  19. U.S. shift away from HEU-fueled naval nuclear reactors could begin in the 2040s
  20. Transfer of HEU from the United Kingdom to the United States is completed
  21. Fissile material mysteries in the U.S. Department of Energy FY20 budget request
  22. NRC terminates construction authorization for the MOX Fuel Fabrication Facility
  23. High-assay low-enriched uranium (HALEU) production in the United States
  24. Silex Systems invests in the U.S. enrichment venture after all
  25. U.S. naval spent fuel shipped to the Idaho National Laboratory
  26. All HEU removed from Nigeria
  27. US plutonium pit production plans fail to satisfy Congress; further studies underway
  28. United States to export small amount of HEU to United Arab Emirates
  29. Areva's Eagle Rock Enrichment Facility license withdrawn
  30. One of U.S. HEU reactors, TREAT, restarted
  31. 2017 civilian plutonium declarations submitted to IAEA
  32. Pilot project to reprocess naval spent fuel at Idaho National Laboratory
  33. Silex pulls out of U.S. laser enrichment projects
  34. U.S. plutonium pit production and disposition plans face congressional scrutiny
  35. U.S. Department of Energy takes steps to halt construction of partially finished MOX plant at Savannah River Site
  36. American Centrifuge Lead Cascade Facility to be decommissioned
  37. Declaring more U.S. weapon-grade uranium excess could delay the need to build a new national enrichment plant
  38. Verifying North Korean nuclear disarmament
  39. Small amount of HEU from the United States to the United Kingdom
  40. Questions about projected U.S. plutonium pit production capability
  41. Fissile material issues in the U.S. National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2018
  42. 2016 civilian plutonium reports submitted to IAEA
  43. All HEU removed from the VVR-K reactor in Kazakhstan
  44. All HEU is removed from Ghana
  45. LEU fuel bank in Kazakhstan is inaugurated
  46. List of U.S. nuclear facilities declared to the IAEA under Additional Protocol
  47. WIPP facility receives first shipment since reopening
  48. U.S. Department of Energy seeks domestic enrichment capability
  49. U.S. to provide small amounts of HEU to Slovenia and South Korea
  50. United States to ship neptunium to Canada as part of Pu-238 production
  51. High Level FMCT Expert Preparatory Group begins its work
  52. More than twenty states commit to minimize HEU in civilian applications
  53. United States adds 500 warheads to dismantlement queue, outlines its nuclear security record
  54. United States asks IAEA to monitor dilute and dispose steps for 6 tons of plutonium
  55. U.S. Congress sustains MOX facility construction
  56. A plan to upgrade naval spent fuel handling facility at the Idaho National Laboratory
  57. Russia suspends cooperation agreement with the United States and ends reactor conversion work
  58. Russia suspends implementation of plutonium disposition agreement
  59. United States to prepare HEU shipment to Canada as part of a Mo-99 contingency plan
  60. All HEU fuel removed from Poland
  61. Disposition of plutonium in Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP)
  62. 2015 civilian plutonium reports submitted to IAEA
  63. National Academies report on production of molybdenum-99 for medical imaging
  64. By exporting HEU to Europe United States contradicts its own Nuclear Security Summit pledge
  65. U.S. reprocessing plant at the Savannah River Site resumed operations
  66. U.S. Office of Naval Reactors outlines $1 billion R&D plan for development of LEU fuel
  67. United States to provide a small amount of HEU to Japan
  68. United States to export HEU fuel for Belgium's BR-2 reactor
  69. GE-Hitachi to leave Silex joint venture
  70. Russia raises concerns about changes in U.S. plutonium disposition plan
  71. Questionable HEU exchange between United Kingdom and United States
  72. United States releases an update of its HEU inventory
  73. BR-2 reactor in Belgium switched fuel providers, but keeps HEU
  74. United States attempts to unblock fissile material treaty negotiations in the Conference on Disarmament
  75. Ongoing transfers of weapon materials between the United States and the United Kingdom
  76. Experts write to U.S. Secretary of Energy Moniz to support termination of the MOX project
  77. American Centrifuge Project shuts down
  78. United States brings plutonium from Germany, Switzerland, and Japan
  79. United States to discontinue construction of MOX Fuel Fabrication Facility
  80. U.S. National Academies report on reducing the use of HEU in research reactors
  81. Could the U.S. Waste Isolation Pilot Plant go critical if more plutonium were disposed in it?
  82. United States to dispose of 6 MT of weapon-grade plutonium in the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant
  83. IPFM Report "Alternatives to MOX" in Chinese
  84. 2014 civilian plutonium (and HEU) reports submitted to IAEA
  85. All HEU is removed from Uzbekistan
  86. Contractor's attempt to justify high cost of U.S. MOX program falls short
  87. GAO report evaluates U.S. efforts to secure vulnerable nuclear materials
  88. All HEU removed from Jamaica
  89. HEU Spent Fuel from Switzerland Arrives at Savannah River Site; May be Last Shipment from Switzerland
  90. U.S. Department of Energy shuts down American Centrifuge Plant at Piketon
  91. "Red Team" report confirms high cost of MOX option for disposal of U.S. excess plutonium
  92. United States grants advance consents rights to Korea for overseas reprocessing
  93. Independent review on escalating MOX plant costs and DOE reversal of MOX option for surplus plutonium
  94. United States has no preferred alternative for disposition of surplus plutonium
  95. U.S. Department of Energy set to restart last remaining U.S. reprocessing plant
  96. U.S. MOX report reveals major cost estimate increases
  97. U.S. president submits 123 Agreement with China to Congress
  98. Russia removed weapon-grade plutonium from Seversk
  99. Alternatives to MOX: a new report by the International Panel on Fissile Materials
  100. Another shipment of U.S. HEU to Canada is requested
  101. Two new reports raise fundamental questions on Savannah River MOX plant
  102. No research reactor fuel was shipped to the United States since 2012
  103. Savannah River MOX Plant secures 2015 funding but future of program remains in doubt
  104. United States to supply HEU for Belgian BR2 reactor
  105. U.S. MOX plant construction license extended
  106. Tokai-mura reprocessing plant head-end to be shut down
  107. No changes in U.S. civilian plutonium stock in 2013
  108. Russia and the United States continue to discuss conversion of research reactors
  109. United States prepares to restart TREAT reactor
  110. Fresh fuel of VVR-K critical assembly removed from Kazakhstan
  111. Some spent HEU fuel removed from Poland
  112. United States to send more HEU to Europe for medical isotope production
  113. Damning U.S. Department of Energy audit on cost and schedule overruns at the MOX Fabrication Facility at the Savannah River Site
  114. US NRC releases report on the use of HEU in research reactors
  115. United States updates information about its nuclear weapons stokpile
  116. United States opens to the possibility of using LEU in its future naval reactors
  117. Kazakhstan is working on conversion of IVG research reactor
  118. U.S. civilian plutonium holdings in December 2012
  119. HEU and plutonium removed from Belgium
  120. HEU and plutonium removed from Italy
  121. United States and Japan to remove plutonium and HEU from Fast Critical Assembly
  122. United States puts MOX Fuel Fabrication Facility on cold standby
  123. Possible changes in U.S. and Russian excess plutonium disposition programs
  124. Japan to return plutonium used in critical assembly to the United States
  125. Rising cost of the Uranium Processing Facility in the United States
  126. Last HEU-LEU program shipment to leave Russia
  127. All HEU removed from Hungary
  128. FOIA document indicates cost of disposal of U.S. plutonium as waste cheaper than MOX
  129. Shipments of research reactor fuel to the United States
  130. Transfer of Georgian HEU spent fuel from Dounreay to Savannah River Site
  131. United States to ship 7.5 kg of HEU to Canada
  132. United States to look for more efficient plutonium disposition options
  133. All highly-enriched uranium removed from Vietnam
  134. Progress in the US-Russian reactor conversion program
  135. United States continues HEU supply to Canada
  136. Enrichment plant in Paducah to close
  137. The cost of U.S. MOX plant reached $6.8 billion
  138. U.S. Department of Energy sets strategy for dealing with spent fuel
  139. All HEU removed from Austria
  140. United States declares its 2011 non-military plutonium stock
  141. United States begins shipments of plutonium from Savannah River to WIPP
  142. U.S. regulators issue license to GE-Hitachi for laser enrichment plant
  143. Russia and the United States to work on HEU removal
  144. Kazakhstan begins tests of LEU fuel for VVR-K reactor
  145. Unprecedented security breach at the key U.S. HEU storage facility
  146. U.S. Nuclear Weapons Council recommends deferral of the CMRR facility
  147. United States releases an update of its plutonium inventory
  148. Russia and the United States to work on reactor conversion
  149. U.S. administration announces steps to encourage production of Mo-99 without HEU
  150. United States looking to shut down last HEU pulsed reactor
  151. U.S. to supply LEU for Belgian BR2 research reactor
  152. U.S. reported to complete HEU shipment to France
  153. Sweden to export plutonium to the United States
  154. U.S. to supply HEU to European countries while they pursue conversion
  155. All HEU is removed from Mexico
  156. Vietnam to return spent fuel of research reactor in Dalat to Russia
  157. Russia and the United States completed conversion feasibility studies for two reactors
  158. North Korea agreed to suspend nuclear activities
  159. Blue Ribbon Commission released its final report
  160. H-Canyon to produce MOX feed from excess weapon plutonium
  161. Mongolia ends discussions of spent fuel storage
  162. Kazakhstan eliminates 33 kg of fresh HEU fuel
  163. United States produces MOX feed from weapon plutonium
  164. International Panel on Fissile Materials releases report on management of spent fuel from nuclear power reactors
  165. U.S. non-military plutonium in 2010
  166. GAO report on U.S. ability to account for its nuclear material overseas
  167. U.S. is working to remove nuclear material from Italy
  168. United States to remove HEU from Mexico
  169. Belarus suspends HEU removal talks with the United States
  170. United States announces details of the American Assured Fuel Supply
  171. U.S.-origin HEU spent fuel removed from South Africa
  172. Draft report of the Blue Ribbon Commission
  173. Details of the plan to store spent fuel in Mongolia
  174. Managing nuclear spent fuel: Policy lessons from a 10-country study
  175. U.S. court rules against suspension of CMRR plutonium facility
  176. Conflicting reports about spent fuel disposal in Mongolia
  177. Questions raised about safety of the U.S. MOX plant
  178. A U.S. court to hold hearings on CMRR plutonium facility at Los Alamos
  179. U.S. MOX program wanted relaxed security at the weapon-grade plutonium facility
  180. Tenex and USEC sign LEU supply contract, discuss enrichment facility in the U.S.
  181. U.S. plutonium disposition program: Uncertainties of the MOX route
  182. A bill to reduce use of HEU in Mo-99 production is introduced in the Senate
  183. Pakistan to block progress at the CD, citing Obama's support of India joining NSG
  184. U.S.-Russian 123 agreement enters into force
  185. NRC issues safety report for Savannah River MOX Fuel Fabrication Facility
  186. U.S. non-military plutonium in 2009
  187. U.S.-Russian 123 agreement on nuclear cooperation passes U.S. Congress
  188. IAEA approves NTI-supported fuel bank
  189. Belarus will remove all HEU by 2012
  190. U.S. attempts to remove spent research reactor fuel from Pakistan
  191. 85 kg of HEU removed from Belarus
  192. The 2009 HEU shipment from Libya detailed
  193. Spent HEU fuel removed from General Atomics facility
  194. Future supply of tritium for U.S. nuclear weapons in doubt
  195. United States and Russia request safeguards for their excess plutonium
  196. POGO report on U.S. highly-enriched uranium
  197. Rosatom may build an enrichment facility in the United States
  198. Los Alamos repackages Russian-origin plutonium-238
  199. United States and India sign an agreement on reprocessing
  200. Changes in U.S. Surplus Plutonium Disposition program
  201. Nuclear warhead dismantlement at Y-12 suspended over safety issues
  202. URENCO begins enrichment in the United States
  203. Video of handling of nuclear warheads at a NNSA facility
  204. U.S.-Russian Plutonium Management and Disposition Agreement
  205. U.S.-Russian 123 agreement on nuclear cooperation resubmitted to Congress
  206. MURR reactor to be converted to LEU fuel
  207. Update on shipments of research reactor fuel to the U.S.
  208. United States and Russia sign protocol to plutonium disposition agreement
  209. Canada to return HEU from Chalk River to the United States
  210. U.S. and Russia to finalize plutonium disposition agreement
  211. U.S. civilian plutonium in 2008
  212. USEC began operations of a lead cascade at American Centrifuge Plant
  213. U.S. to supply HEU for the High Flux Reactor in France
  214. A French documentary on nuclear waste
  215. United States to send HEU to France for Belgian BR2 reactor
  216. History and status of fast breeder reactor programs worldwide
  217. Shutdown schedule for Russia's last plutonium production reactor
  218. GTRI plans for FY2011
  219. U.S. assistance in securing fissile materials in Russia
  220. Tritium production and recovery in the United States in FY2011
  221. U.S. contribution to Russia's plutonium disposition program
  222. U.S. fissile material disposition programs in FY2011
  223. U.S. administration requests funds for nuclear weapons facilities
  224. NNSA nuclear warheads activity in FY2011
  225. NRC declined to restrict licensing of civilian use of HEU
  226. Blue Ribbon Commission will examine fuel cycle
  227. Two U.S. companies get grants to build domestic medical isotope production
  228. Shipments of spent fuel of research reactors to the U.S.
  229. Start-up of the Highly Enriched Uranium Materials Facility at Oak Ridge
  230. URENCO outlines expansion plans
  231. U.S. Navy plans for a new class of ballistic-missile submarines
  232. Ellen Tauscher outlines U.S. policies on nuclear fuel cycle
  233. Categorization of HEU fuel at Sandia
  234. Almost all HEU removed from Turkey
  235. Nuclear Fuel Services plant suspends production
  236. Refurbishing of nuclear warhead components in the U.S.
  237. Last HEU is removed from Libya
  238. Large discrepancy in amount of plutonium at shutdown French MOX plant
  239. GTRI announces reactor conversions, fuel removals
  240. NNSA announces conversion of research reactors
  241. Photos of trucks that transport nuclear materials and weapons components
  242. U.S. and Russian experts talk nuclear security at Angarsk
  243. Moscow summit yields little visible progress on nuclear cooperation
  244. Fresh HEU fuel removed from Romania
  245. Rosatom signs another fuel contract in U.S.
  246. Russia in talks about centrifuge plant in the U.S.?
  247. Russia will sell enrichment services directly to U.S. utilities
  248. U.S. removes spent HEU fuel from Australia
  249. Obama-Medvedev statement notes civil HEU minimization, 123 agreement
  250. Update on GTRI strategy and numbers
  251. The end of Yucca Mountain
  252. Russia will bring back spent fuel from research reactor in Romania
  253. Financing problems at the American Centrifuge Plant
  254. GLE begins licensing process
  255. U.S. Supreme Court rules that enriched uranium is "goods"
  256. NNSA releases plan for nuclear complex
  257. GTRI to bring gap material from Canada, South Africa
  258. U.S. withdraws 123 agreement with Russia from Congress
  259. USEC American Centrifuge Plant to cost $3.5 billion
  260. 123 agreement in danger
  261. MOX fuel controversy
  262. U.S. donates $50 million to fuel bank
  263. Areva signs contract to build MOX fuel fabrication facility
  264. Accelerated downblending: Domenici amendment
  265. U.S.-Russian agreement on nuclear cooperation
  266. AREVA will build an enrichment plant in Idaho
  267. GE-Hitachi plans to build a Silex plant in U.S.
  268. Russia may build a centrifuge plant in the U.S.?
  269. U.S.-Russian agreement on nuclear cooperation stalled
  270. Most sensitive nuclear material removed from Sandia
  271. Russia and the United States signed a uranium agreement
  272. U.S. and Russia to sign a uranium enrichment deal
  273. U.S.-Russian agreement on plutonium disposal
  274. U.S. removes nine tonnes of Pu from weapon stockpile