All HEU fuel removed from Poland

At the IAEA General Conference in Vienna U.S. Secretary of Energy announced removal of 61 kg of HEU in spent fuel from the Maria research reactor located at the National Center for Nuclear Research, Otwock-Świerk in Poland. The fuel in 17 TUK-19 containers was delivered to the Gdansk airport. It was then airlifted to "a secure facility in Russia," most likely to the Mayak Plant, where it will be reprocessed.

The reactor was reported to be converted to LEU in 2012 but HEU fuel remained in the active zone until now. Previous batch of spent fuel was shipped to Russia in September 2014.

With the removal of the last batch of HEU fuel, Poland has been declared HEU free. it became the 32nd country plus Taiwan that had all HEU removed. The Maria reactor, however, will continue to use HEU for production of medical isotopes.

UPDATE: NNSA released a video that documents the removal of HEU: