Maria reactor in Poland converted to LEU

The U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) announced today that it completed conversion of the Maria research reactor at the National Center for Nuclear Research, Otwock-Świerk in Poland. According to NNSA, "27 kilograms of Russian-origin HEU fresh fuel and 61.9 kilograms of HEU spent fuel from the facility were returned to Russia" as a result of the conversion program. Some of this material, however, was removed in earlier shipments - spent fuel in 2010 and 39.8 kg of fresh HEU fuel in August 2006.

NNSA posted a photo set and a video of the operation.

UPDATE: According to it was the sixth shipment of spent fuel of Eva and Maria reactors from Poland to Russia conducted in the last two years. It included 60 spent fuel assemblies with 90 kg of HEU fuel. The total amount of spent fuel of Eva and Maria reactors removed from Poland is reported to be 1584 assemblies of MR and VVR-M type containing about 150 kg of U-235.