Archive: Disarmament and transparency

  1. Significant new construction at the Dimona site
  2. Conference on Disarmament fails to re-establish subsidiary bodies
  3. New UK Voluntary Offer Agreement with IAEA
  4. New IPFM report on remote detection of undeclared reprocessing
  5. Subsidiary Body of the Conference on Disarmament discusses Fissile Material Cutoff Treaty
  6. Verifying North Korean nuclear disarmament
  7. List of U.S. nuclear facilities declared to the IAEA under Additional Protocol
  8. Draft Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons adopted by 122 Countries
  9. Warhead elimination timelines and the nuclear weapon ban treaty
  10. Draft Convention on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons
  11. High Level FMCT Expert Preparatory Group begins its work
  12. UN First Committee passes resolutions to advance nuclear disarmament and FMCT
  13. UN to be asked to start talks in 2017 on a treaty to ban nuclear weapons
  14. United States releases an update of its HEU inventory
  15. IPFM releases Global Fissile Material Report 2015: Nuclear Weapon and Fissile Material Stockpiles and Production
  16. Chinese scholars express concern about Japan's fissile materials
  17. IPFM presents Global Fissile Material Report 2015 at the NPT Review Conference
  18. Fissile Material Controls in the Middle East - IPFM report is now in Arabic
  19. Fissile Material Controls in the Middle East - IPFM report is now in Hebrew
  20. Pakistan outlines scope for FM(C)T intended to establish parity with India
  21. India ratifies an additional protocol and will safeguard two more nuclear power reactors
  22. IPFM Presentation at 2014 NPT Prepcom: "Next Steps in Increasing Transparency of Nuclear Warhead and Fissile Material Stocks for Nuclear Disarmament"
  23. United States updates information about its nuclear weapons stokpile
  24. Last HEU-LEU program shipment to leave Russia
  25. IPFM releases report on Steps toward a Middle East Zone Free of Nuclear Weapons and all other Weapons of Mass Destruction
  26. United States and Russia sign an agreement on nuclear cooperation
  27. UK nuclear warhead dismantlement program
  28. States' views on a treaty banning the production of fissile material for nuclear weapons
  29. IPFM releases report on transparency in nuclear disarmament
  30. Amounts of fissile materials in early Soviet nuclear devices