Archive: Fast breeder reactors

  1. Russian laws prohibit military use of HEU supplied to China
  2. India begins loading fuel in Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor
  3. China started operation of its first CFR-600 breeder reactor
  4. India's Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor delayed again
  5. Russia delivers fuel for China's CFR-600 reactor
  6. BN-800 reactor is fully loaded with MOX fuel
  7. Spent fuel of Monju reactor to be reprocessed in France
  8. Russia launches production line to supply uranium fuel for China's CFR-600 reactor
  9. China's CEFR fast reactor begins "high-power operations"
  10. China starts construction of the second CFR-600 breeder reactor
  11. BN-800 reactor to fully transition to MOX fuel in 2022
  12. BN-600 operating license extended to 2025, may be extended further
  13. India's prototype breeder reactor is delayed again
  14. France terminates ASTRID fast-neutron reactor project
  15. Russia uses civilian reactor-grade plutonium to produce MOX fuel for BN-800
  16. Construction of Russia's BN-1200 fast-neutron reactor delayed until 2030s
  17. Russia delivers a batch of HEU fuel for China's CEFR fast neutron reactor
  18. Russia to supply HEU fuel for China's CFR-600 fast reactor
  19. India's prototype breeder reactor delayed until at least 2019
  20. Russia to help China build CFR-600 fast neutron reactor, will supply fuel
  21. 30-year plan approved to decommission Japan's Monju prototype fast-breeder reactor
  22. China begins construction of a pilot fast breeder reactor
  23. Monju reactor is finally shut down
  24. More delays in India's breeder reactor program
  25. Yet another delay in commissioning India's Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor
  26. Russia to supply more HEU fuel for Chinese Experimental Fast Reactor
  27. Japan decides to decommission the Monju reactor
  28. At least eight years needed to restart Monju reactor
  29. Future of Japan's Monju plutonium breeder reactor under review
  30. Further delay in commissioning India's Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor
  31. Russian BN-800 fast breeder reactor connected to grid
  32. Monju operator unfit for purpose
  33. Russia launches commercial MOX fuel fabrication facility
  34. India announces plans for starting construction of fast reactor fuel reprocessing plant
  35. United Kingdom transfers "breeder material" from Dounreay to Sellafield
  36. Russia considers postponing construction of the BN-1200 breeder reactor
  37. India delays launch of PFBR breeder reactor until March 2015
  38. Russian BN-800 breeder has reached criticality
  39. Japanese-French fast breeder cooperation
  40. Japanese breeder Monju control room computer hacked
  41. BN-800 fast reactor to reach criticality in April 2014
  42. Consortium established to build European fast reactor demonstrator
  43. Russia to supply HEU fuel for fast neutron reactor in China
  44. Japan's nuclear regulator to suspend Monju reactor
  45. New breeder reactor is planned in India
  46. China delays purchase of Russian fast neutron reactors