New breeder reactor is planned in India

India is planning the construction of a 120 MWe fast-breeder test reactor powered by metallic fuel at Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research (IGCAR) complex at Kalpakkam.

According to earlier news reports, the 120 MWe reactor appears to be one of three steps to be undertaken as part of a plan to design and build 1 GWe metallic fueled fast breeder reactor, the other two being to convert the existing fast breeder test reactor (FBTR) to using metallic fuel and to construct a 500 MWe fast breeder reactor, similar to the prototype fast breeder reactor (PFBR) but capable of using both metallic and oxide fuel. The FBTR has been operating since 1985 and is currently fueled with a mixture of uranium and plutonium carbide fuel.

Actual construction of the 120 MWe reactor is planned only in the XIII national five year plan that runs from 2017 onwards (see page 3 of the document).