United States to ship 7.5 kg of HEU to Canada

On August 27, 2013 the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission approved an export license (XSNM3745) that will allow the Y-12 National Security Complex to supply the Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) with 7.0 kg of U-235 contained in 7.5 kilograms uranium, enriched to 93.35 percent. The license request was submitted by NNSA in May 2013. Terms of the license specify that the material will be used in "Fabrication of targets for production of medical isotopes at the National Research Universal [NRU] Reactor)" at the Chalk River Laboratories. According to Tom Clements of Friends of the Earth, this should be among the last of the HEU shipments to Canada as the NRU reactor is expected to shut down by 2016.