POGO report on U.S. highly-enriched uranium

Project on Government Oversight (POGO) released a report "U.S. Nuclear Weapons Complex: How the Country Can Profit and Become More Secure by Getting Rid of Its Surplus Weapons-Grade Uranium," which details the status of the HEU handling programs in the United States and calls for accelerated down-blending of U.S. HEU. According to POGO, the United States has "nearly 400 metric tons" of HEU, of which POGO believes 300 tonnes is unnecessary for U.S. defense needs and should be down-blended.

The United States had blended down 127 tonnes of HEU as of the end of FY2009. The current plan is to blend down additional 90 tonnes by 2050. The POGO report argues that more HEU should be blended down and that the rate of HEU disposal should be accelerated.