85 kg of HEU removed from Belarus

According to a Washington Post report, the United States, Belarus, and Russia completed transfer of some of HEU from Belarus to Russia. The transfer was reported to include two shipments - in October "slightly irradiated" material was transported by train to what is described as a Russian facility 1,300 miles away - which is the Mayak plant in Ozersk. Ini the second shipment, which took place on November 29, 2010, the material - most likely fresh HEU fuel - was transported by plane. NNSA reported that the total amount of HEU in the shipments was 85 kg. 

The shipments most likely included fuel of Pamir reactor and Giatsint facility. Belarus also agreed to remove the remaining HEU (most likely fuel of the IRT-M research reactor) by 2012.

UPDATE: Bellona reports that the November 29, 2010 shipment involved spent fuel of the IRT-M reactor with the total weight of 41 kg.

UPDATE: An account of the shipment as presented at the 2011 RERTR meeting: