GTRI plans for FY2011

The FY2011 NNSA budget request describes activities of the Global Threat Reduction Initiative in the next fiscal year.

As part of its Convert mission, in FY2011 GTRI will convert or verify as shutdown additional 7 HEU research reactors, bringing the cumulative to 78. These include reactors in Poland and China (p. 441).

The Russian-Origin Material Remove program in FY 2011 will return to Russia and dispose of an additional 340 kilograms of Russian-origin HEU fuel from facilities located in the former East Germany, Serbia, Ukraine, and Belarus. This will bring the cumulative total to 1,720 kilograms of HEU removed (p. 442).

The U.S.-Origin Material Remove program will return to the United States an additional 30 kilograms of U.S.-origin HEU from several countries, such as Mexico and South Africa, resulting in a cumulative total of 1,276 kilograms of HEU removed (p. 442).

The Gap Material program (the gap material includes U.S.-origin HEU other than TRIGA and MTR fuel, HEU of non-U.S.- and non-Russian-origin, and separated plutonium) will remove or facilitate disposition of an additional 161 kilograms of Gap HEU and plutonium from several countries, resulting in a cumulative total of 301 kilograms of HEU and plutonium removed (p. 442).

As part of the Protect mission, GTRI will continue its BN-350 Nuclear Material Protect project. The project will provide long-term dry storage of spent fuel of BN-350 reactor, which contains about 3,000 kg of weapon-grade plutonium and 10,000 kg of HEU (with enrichment less than 33%). The shipments of the spent fuel will be completed in December 2010 (p. 443). The dry storage facility is located in on the territory of Kazakhstan.