Silex Systems invests in the U.S. enrichment venture after all

Silex Systems Limited eventually decided to invest in the Global Laser Enrichment (GLE), a venture that was set up by GE-Hitachi to use the Silex technology to provide enrichment services in the United States. In 2016, GE-Hitachi announced its intent to leave GLE. Silex Systems considered purchasing the 76% share of GLE from GE-Hitachi, but decided against it in June 2018. However, on February 6, 2019 the company announced that it will be investing in GLE after all. The GE-Hitachi share will be split between Silex Systems and Canadian uranium company Cameco, which invested in the project in 2008:

Subject to finalising a mutually satisfactory binding agreement and obtaining US Government approvals, the proposed restructure of GLE would result in Silex holding a 51% interest, and Cameco increasing its interest in GLE from 24% to 49%;