United States to remove HEU from Mexico

Mexico, United States and IAEA signed an agreement, published as IAEA document INFCIRC/825 that details arrangement for replacement of HEU fuel of the TRIGA Mark III research reactor operated by the National Institute for Nuclear Research at Ocoyoacac. According to the agreement, the United States will supply the reactor with about 113 kg of LEU in reactor fuel in exchange for about 10.8 kilograms of 70% HEU contained in 28 fresh fuel assemblies and 29 irradiated fuel assemblies. IAEA will act as an intermediary for the transfer. The cost of the fuel will be covered by the United States.

Removal of HEU from Mexico is part of the GTRI HEU cleanout effort. Funds for the transfer were requested in NNSA budget request for FY2011.