No research reactor fuel was shipped to the United States since 2012

Tom Clements, the director of the Savannah River Site Watch, obtained an updated list of shipments of research reactor fuel to the United States that were carried out by the GTRI program and its predecessors. The list is current as of January 5, 2015. The updated list is identical to the one dated March 22, 2013 - apparently there were no transfers of HEU fuel of research reactors since the last transfer from Austria in December 2012. The GTRI program, however, was managing a number of fuel shipments from Soviet-origin reactors to Russia (the most recent shipment took place in September 2014 from Kazakhstan).

It is not clear why the list does not include the removal of material from Italy that was completed by March 2014. One possible explanation is that these shipments included so-called "gap material" that is normally outside of the GTRI scope. However, according to NNSA, that program was managed by GTRI.