HEU and plutonium removed from Italy

At the 2014 Nuclear Security Summit, the United States and Italy announced a removal of "all eligible fresh HEU and plutonium" from Italy. The project was completed in cooperation between U.S. GTRI program and Italy's Società Gestione Impianti Nucleari (SOGIN). According to the NNSA press release, it was the thirteenth shipment of material from Italy to the United States under the program. It also stated that

The material was located at three SOGIN facilities in Italy (EUREX Plant - Saluggia, IPU and OPEC Plants - Casaccia, and ITREC Plant - Trisaia). More than 17 kilograms of HEU and plutonium were removed, including UK and U.S.-origin material stemming from research and development activities in Italy.

According to a 2008 diplomatic cable, published earlier, in 2008 SOGIN estimated that the amount of HEU and plutonium at these facilities is as follows:

The total amount of fresh and irradiated HEU was about 19 kg and about 100 kg respectively (of the latter, 92.4 kg of irradiated HEU at ITREC TRISAIA was in irradiated fuel of the Elk River reactor). The total amounts of non-irradiated and irradiated plutonium were about 6 kg and 4.8 kg respectively.

It is not immediately clear how the amount of 17 kg of HEU and plutonium that is reported as removed from Italy corresponds to the amounts quoted in the 2008 cable. Also, it is not clear why it took 13 shipments to transfer about 17 kg of fissile material.

According to the information obtained by Friends of the Earth, the most recent shipment from Italy was delivered by the Pacific Egret nuclear transport ship arriving in Charleston, South Carolina on March 19, 2014. Also, it is believed that some of the plutonium is of Canadian origin, as Canada shipped spent CANDU fuel from the Pickering nuclear power plant to the EUREX reprocessing plant, where reprocessing took place from 1980-1983.

UPDATE 2/23/2016: According to NNSA, a small amount of plutonium, probably less than 1 kg, remains in Italy as of 2016.