Sweden to export plutonium to the United States

The Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs announced at the Seoul Nuclear Security Summit that the Swedish government granted AB SVAFO, the national non-profit corporation responsible for nuclear waste management, a license to export "3.3 kilograms of plutonium and approximately 9 kilograms of natural and depleted uranium" to the United States. The license was granted on 2 February 2012. The transfer of the material will be done in the framework of the Global Threat Reduction Initiative.

According to a statement published by the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, most of the plutonium "was generated in Sweden and was primarily produced from fuel from the Ă…gesta reactor." The fuel was reprocessed in Mol, Belgium in 1969. The plutonium was stored in Studsvik "since 1970s" under IAEA and Euratom safeguards.

According to NNSA, the mission to transfer plutonium was initiated in 2009 an completed in 2012. See NNSA photo set of the mission. NNSA also reported that it was the first plutonium shipment under the GTRI program.

UPDATE 2/23/2016: According to NNSA, there is no more plutonium Sweden.