U.S.-origin HEU spent fuel removed from South Africa

The U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration announced the return of 6.3 kg of U.S.-origin HEU spent fuel from South Africa. The operation was completed in cooperation with The South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (Nesca). According to the press-release, the material arrived in the United States on August 16, 2011. 

The report does not specify the facility from which the fuel was removed. It is most likely the Safari-1 reactor in Pelindaba. The United States supplied HEU fuel for this reactor in 1965-1975. The reactor has been converted to LEU fuel in 2008. Removal of the U.S.-origin material from South Africa was done as part of the GTRI HEU minimization program. In addition to the U.S.-origin HEU, GTRI is working on removing so-called "gap material" from South Africa. The spent HEU fuel shipment was taken to the Savannah River Site for secure storage. NNSA did not announce any plans regarding ultimate disposal of the material.