U.S.-Russian agreement on plutonium disposal

DoE and Rosatom signed an agreement that outlined the framework of the plutonium disposal program in Russia. According to the agreement, Russia would get to use the plutonium in fast reactors. It "would begin disposition in the BN-600 reactor in the 2012 timeframe.  Disposition in the BN-800 would follow soon thereafter.  Once disposition begins, the two reactors could dispose of approximately 1.5 metric tons of Russian weapons plutonium per year." Russia has long insisted on using fast reactors for plutonium disposition. BN-600 reactor, however, can use plutonium only in a third of its core. BN-800 would be able to use full plutonium core.

The United States would contribute $400 million toward helping Russia build a MOX fuel fabrication facility. In the agreement, the United States also promised to help Russia "seek other donor funding".