U.S. to supply LEU for Belgian BR2 research reactor

Idaho National laboratory will supply SCK-CEN, the operator of the BR2 research reactor, with low enriched uranium. According to the NRC license (XSNM3714, issued on 24 April 2012), INL will ship 4.40 kg of U-235, "contained in 22.0 kilograms uranium, enriched to 19.99 w/o maximum; alloyed with 7 - 10 weight percent molybdenum or unalloyed low enriched uranium; as fuel stock, plate or element form." The license specifies that the material will be used in "Irradiation Experiments in the BR-2 reactor."

The shipment is part of the European fuel development program, known as Leonidas, that includes testing of uranium-molybdenum fuels. In 2010, NRC approved a shipment of 93.5 kg of HEU to France to be used to manufacture fuel for the BR2 reactor. Earlier, NRC stated that HEU supply is conditional on development of LEU fuel for BR2.