U.S. to export small amount of HEU to Belgium for safeguards applications

U.S. Department of Energy submitted an application for a license (XSNM3813) to export 0.3 kg of U-235 to the Joint Research Centre (JRC-Geel) in Belgium. The material will be used in safeguards applications as described in the document:

The JRC-Geel uses the NBL Program Office uranium metal by dissolving them, and splitting them into much smaller samples containing the uranium, and adding plutonium which they source from France (not US plutonium). These small samples containing milligram quantities of uranium and plutonium, called LSD spikes, are Certified Reference Materials (CRM's). The LSD spike CRM's are purchased, mostly by Japan, to be used for material accountability determinations, overseen by the IAEA. These materials and the LSD spikes that are created are required to meet international safeguards agreements. The NBL PO and the IAEA participate in JRC-Geel reviews of these materials, to ensure their suitability for use in meeting accountability and measurement requirements.

UPDATE: The license XSNM3813 was granted on June 18, 2020.