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  1. 2020 civilian plutonium declarations submitted to the IAEA
  2. Russia launches production line to supply uranium fuel for China's CFR-600 reactor
  3. 2019 civilian plutonium and HEU declarations submitted to the IAEA
  4. BN-800 reactor to fully transition to MOX fuel in 2022
  5. BN-600 operating license extended to 2025, may be extended further
  6. Kazakhstan (almost) pulls out of uranium enrichment join venture with Russia
  7. 2018 civilian plutonium and HEU declarations submitted to the IAEA
  8. Russia appears to expand the HEU production line in Zelenogorsk
  9. Russia uses civilian reactor-grade plutonium to produce MOX fuel for BN-800
  10. Construction of Russia's BN-1200 fast-neutron reactor delayed until 2030s
  11. Russia delivers a batch of HEU fuel for China's CEFR fast neutron reactor
  12. Russia to supply HEU fuel for China's CFR-600 fast reactor
  13. 2017 civilian plutonium declarations submitted to IAEA
  14. Russia is working on lifetime cores of naval reactors
  15. Russia to help China build CFR-600 fast neutron reactor, will supply fuel
  16. Second pilot reprocessing line in Zheleznogorsk
  17. Test run of a new reprocessing plant in Zheleznogorsk
  18. New Russian icebreakers will use HEU fuel
  19. Spent fuel of plutonium production reactors removed from Zheleznogorsk
  20. Production of new highly enriched uranium in Russia for the FRM-II in Germany
  21. 2016 civilian plutonium reports submitted to IAEA
  22. Production of medical isotopes in Russia
  23. Russia decommissioned one of its HEU facilities
  24. High Level FMCT Expert Preparatory Group begins its work
  25. Russia to supply more HEU fuel for Chinese Experimental Fast Reactor
  26. Reprocessing plant at Mayak to begin reprocessing of VVER-1000 fuel
  27. Russia may supply uranium enrichment technology to India
  28. Russia suspends cooperation agreement with the United States and ends reactor conversion work
  29. Russia suspends implementation of plutonium disposition agreement
  30. Russia prepares to accept spent fuel of Kazakhstan's VVR-K reactor
  31. All HEU fuel removed from Poland
  32. 2015 civilian plutonium reports submitted to IAEA
  33. Russia to decommission a metallurgical plant in Seversk
  34. Russia confirmed supplying HEU to the FRM-II reactor in Germany
  35. Russia is expanding its reprocessing program at Mayak
  36. IRT-T research reactor in Tomsk to operate on HEU until 2035
  37. Russia raises concerns about changes in U.S. plutonium disposition plan
  38. HEU left behind in 1998 is finally removed from Georgia
  39. IPFM Report "Plutonium Separation in Nuclear Power Programs" in Chinese
  40. Russian BN-800 fast breeder reactor connected to grid
  41. 2014 civilian plutonium (and HEU) reports submitted to IAEA
  42. Russia launches commercial MOX fuel fabrication facility
  43. All HEU is removed from Uzbekistan
  44. Former defense reprocessing plant in Seversk to be decommissioned
  45. Gamma research reactor at Kurchatov Institute is being decommissioned
  46. Russia removed weapon-grade plutonium from Seversk
  47. Russia considers postponing construction of the BN-1200 breeder reactor
  48. Kazakhstan removes spent fuel of VVR-K reactor, commits to eliminate HEU
  49. Russia completed conversion of Argus research reactor
  50. Russia's 2013 civilian plutonium declaration
  51. Russia and the United States continue to discuss conversion of research reactors
  52. Fresh fuel of VVR-K critical assembly removed from Kazakhstan
  53. Some spent HEU fuel removed from Poland
  54. Russian BN-800 breeder has reached criticality
  55. Russia reports its 2012 civilian plutonium stock
  56. Possible changes in U.S. and Russian excess plutonium disposition programs
  57. Russia to return all HEU from Uzbekistan
  58. Russia to supply HEU to research reactors abroad
  59. BN-800 fast reactor to reach criticality in April 2014
  60. Russia to return nuclear-powered container ship to service
  61. Last HEU-LEU program shipment to leave Russia
  62. All HEU removed from Hungary
  63. Russia to supply HEU fuel for fast neutron reactor in China
  64. Russia to supply HEU fuel for French research reactor
  65. China is building an indigenous enrichment facility in Hanzhong
  66. United States to look for more efficient plutonium disposition options
  67. All highly-enriched uranium removed from Vietnam
  68. Progress in the US-Russian reactor conversion program
  69. Areva to supply fuel for FRM-II research reactor
  70. All HEU removed from Czech Republic
  71. HEU spent fuel of a Czech research reactor arrived in Murmansk
  72. No date yet for PIK reactor start-up
  73. Russia declares its 2011 civilian plutonium holdings
  74. Russia launches HEU production line
  75. Russia to begin conversion of its research reactors to LEU in 2013
  76. Amounts of fissile materials in early Soviet nuclear devices
  77. Maria reactor in Poland converted to LEU
  78. Russia and the United States to work on HEU removal
  79. Kazakhstan begins tests of LEU fuel for VVR-K reactor
  80. Russia and the United States to work on reactor conversion
  81. Russia to consolidate HEU fuel production in Electrostal
  82. Russia is set to produce new highly-enriched uranium
  83. Decommissioning of Seversk plutonium production reactors
  84. China delays purchase of Russian fast neutron reactors
  85. Russia to take spent fuel of Uzbekistan's research reactors
  86. Nuclear submarine inducted into Indian Navy
  87. Vietnam to return spent fuel of research reactor in Dalat to Russia
  88. Russia and the United States completed conversion feasibility studies for two reactors
  89. Russia to complete separation of weapon-grade plutonium
  90. Russia hands over a nuclear submarine to India
  91. Russia commissions dry storage facility in Zheleznogorsk
  92. Russia's civilian plutonium in 2010
  93. International Panel on Fissile Materials releases report on management of spent fuel from nuclear power reactors
  94. More delays for PIK reactor
  95. Russia starts IBR-2 reactor after modernization
  96. Managing nuclear spent fuel: Policy lessons from a 10-country study
  97. Start-up of PIK reactor further delayed
  98. Russia begins shipments of Mo-99 to Iran
  99. Rosatom confirms it will not bring foreign-origin spent fuel to Russia
  100. New Russian-built enrichment plant in China begins operations
  101. Tenex and USEC sign LEU supply contract, discuss enrichment facility in the U.S.
  102. Zheleznogorsk will complete separation of plutonium in 2012
  103. South Africa considers joining the Angarsk center
  104. U.S.-Russian 123 agreement enters into force
  105. Spent fuel of a research reactor in Vinca shipped to Russia
  106. U.S.-Russian 123 agreement on nuclear cooperation passes U.S. Congress
  107. Russia created nuclear fuel reserve
  108. Belarus will remove all HEU by 2012
  109. 85 kg of HEU removed from Belarus
  110. The 2009 HEU shipment from Libya detailed
  111. Mongolia to join the International Uranium Enrichment Center
  112. China is believed to operate indigenous enrichment plant
  113. HEU-fueled reactor operated without license for months
  114. Spent HEU fuel shipped from Poland
  115. Russia to remove HEU fuel from Belarus
  116. Ukraine is a full member of the International Uranium Enrichment Center
  117. Russia will build enrichment plant in China ahead of schedule
  118. United States and Russia request safeguards for their excess plutonium
  119. Rosatom set to manufacture MOX fuel at Zheleznogorsk
  120. NIIAR at Dimitrovgrad prepares to enter Mo-99 market
  121. Rosatom may build an enrichment facility in the United States
  122. Los Alamos repackages Russian-origin plutonium-238
  123. Russia's civilian plutonium in 2009
  124. Supply of Russian HEU to Western Europe
  125. BN-600 license may be extended to 2025
  126. Plans to expand enrichment at Angarsk put on hold
  127. End of reprocessed uranium exports to Russia?
  128. Obninsk institute produces Mo-99 for Poland
  129. U.S.-Russian Plutonium Management and Disposition Agreement
  130. U.S.-Russian 123 agreement on nuclear cooperation resubmitted to Congress
  131. Russia no longer produces weapon materials
  132. Russia's commitment to remove research reactor fuel in 2010
  133. United States and Russia sign protocol to plutonium disposition agreement
  134. Last Russian plutonium production reactor to finally shut down
  135. BN-600 fast reactor to operate until 2020
  136. U.S. and Russia to finalize plutonium disposition agreement
  137. PIK reactor start-up delayed
  138. IAEA and Russia signed a fuel bank agreement
  139. Plutonium processing to remain at Mayak
  140. U.S. to supply HEU for the High Flux Reactor in France
  141. A French documentary on nuclear waste
  142. History and status of fast breeder reactor programs worldwide
  143. Shutdown schedule for Russia's last plutonium production reactor
  144. Incident at Russian plutonium production reactor
  145. GTRI plans for FY2011
  146. U.S. assistance in securing fissile materials in Russia
  147. U.S. contribution to Russia's plutonium disposition program
  148. PIK reactor is ready for start-up
  149. Improvements of the MPC&A system at Mayak
  150. Ukraine is finally joining the Angarsk center
  151. Russia's reactor decommissioning plans
  152. Last HEU is removed from Libya
  153. IAEA approves Russian fuel bank proposal
  154. Expansion of enrichment capacity in Angarsk
  155. Russia restarts plutonium production reactor
  156. U.S. and Russian experts talk nuclear security at Angarsk
  157. Moscow summit yields little visible progress on nuclear cooperation
  158. Spent HEU fuel removed from Romania by air
  159. Fresh HEU fuel removed from Romania
  160. Rosatom signs another fuel contract in U.S.
  161. Plutonium production reactor in Zheleznogorsk shut down
  162. Russia in talks about centrifuge plant in the U.S.?
  163. Russia will sell enrichment services directly to U.S. utilities
  164. Spent HEU fuel removed from Kazakhstan
  165. Metallurgical plant at Mayak to close by 2014
  166. The last Russian plutonium production reactor to shut down
  167. Russia ships centrifuges to China
  168. Obama-Medvedev statement notes civil HEU minimization, 123 agreement
  169. Ukraine signs fuel supply contract with TVEL
  170. Iran says it's still interested in Angarsk IUEC
  171. Rosatom floating reactors plans
  172. Russia will bring back spent fuel from research reactor in Romania
  173. Russia signs nuclear agreement with Mongolia
  174. TVEL will supply fuel pellets to India
  175. Ukraine is joining Angarsk center
  176. Bushehr start date is uncertain
  177. Large spent fuel repository planned for Krasnoyarsk region
  178. Russia prepares to bring spent fuel from Hungary
  179. U.S. withdraws 123 agreement with Russia from Congress
  180. Bushehr reactor will not start in 2008
  181. Last Russian plutonium production reactor to shut down in 2009
  182. Rosatom plans for Zheleznogorsk
  183. Construction of spent fuel storage facility in Zheleznogorsk to resume
  184. 123 agreement in danger
  185. No centrifuge safeguards in Angarsk
  186. Rosatom took control over nuclear icebreakers
  187. Massive subsidy to Rosatom
  188. Research reactors conversion in Russia
  189. Spent HEU fuel removed from Bulgaria
  190. Plutonium from last Russian production reactors
  191. Fuel from reactor in Hungary will be removed this year
  192. Zheleznogorsk reactor shutdown schedule
  193. Mayak plans expansion of reprocessing
  194. Mayak wants to build a MOX fabrication plant
  195. Kudankulam fuel shipments completed
  196. Russia ends plutonium production in Seversk
  197. Russia will work to remove spent fuel of a research reactor from Bulgaria
  198. Russia and China sign enrichment deal
  199. Accelerated downblending: Domenici amendment
  200. Spent HEU fuel removed from Latvia
  201. U.S.-Russian agreement on nuclear cooperation
  202. Plutonium production reactor in Seversk shut down
  203. Japan is cautious about Angarsk
  204. Ukraine fuel supply between TVEL and Westinghouse
  205. Ukraine is holding back its spent fuel due to raising cost
  206. Russia will continue supplying centrifuges to China
  207. Russia may build a centrifuge plant in the U.S.?
  208. Ukraine tries to diversify fuel supply
  209. U.S.-Russian agreement on nuclear cooperation stalled
  210. Russian-Indian agreement on Kudankulam
  211. Armenia joins Angarsk center
  212. Angarsk will be under IAEA safeguards
  213. Russia and the United States signed a uranium agreement
  214. U.S. and Russia to sign a uranium enrichment deal
  215. Russia delivers fuel for the Bushehr plant in Iran
  216. Russia raises the cost of spent fuel takeback
  217. Price of Russian fuel for Ukraine
  218. TVEL will supply HEU fuel to Poland
  219. Russia begins shipment of fuel to Iran
  220. U.S.-Russian agreement on plutonium disposal