Russia is expanding its reprocessing program at Mayak

The Mayak Production Association in Ozersk, Russia is preparing to launch a production line that will allow its RT-1 reprocessing plant to handle spent fuel of VVER-1000 reactors at the end of 2016. Today, the plant is reprocessing spent fuel of VVER-400 reactors as well as spent fuel of naval and research reactors. Also, in 2015 Rosatom completed a program that will allow the RT-1 plant to reprocess damaged spent fuel of RBMK reactors and plutonium production reactors. RT-1 is working on a technology that would reprocess uranium-zirconium fuel used in some icebreakers and uranium-beryllium fuel.

Earlier, Mayak reported that in 2015 it reprocessed 200 tons of spent fuel, which is almost double of its historical load of 100-130 tons of fuel annually. The nominal capacity of the plant is 400 tons. According to a Mayak representative, the plant will reach that level in the next few years.