Russia to consolidate HEU fuel production in Electrostal

According to the president of TVEL, Rosatom will consolidate production of all HEU fuels at the Electrostal Machine-Building Plant. The plant will produce fuel for naval, transport, and research reactors. The second fuel fabrication facility - the Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant - will continue production of LEU fuel for power reactors.

Today, the Novosibirsk Plant produces HEU fuel for a number of research reactors, as well as for tritium production reactors at Mayak. The Electrostal Plant is producing HEU fuel for naval and transport reactors, as well as fuel for some research reactors (see IPFM research report for details) . The decision to consolidate all HEU-related production in Electrostal was made to reduce costs and to improve conditions for physical protection and accounting of HEU.