No centrifuge safeguards in Angarsk

As it turns out, Russia has no plans to offer the enrichment facility in Angarsk to IAEA safeguards. According to a presentation of Alexey Grigoryev, the Director of the International Uranium Enrichment Center, the Angarsk Electrolysis Chemical Combine will remain under exclusive control of Rosatom (through it's daughter company Atomenrgoprom). The International Center that Russia is creating in Angarsk would simply outsource the enrichment work to the Combine. So, the promise to place the Center under safeguards is still there, but the only facility that IAEA would get to safeguard is a storage of UF6 containers.

UPDATE 03/04/09: This post is wrong - apparently the offer to place centrifuges under safeguards is still on the table. At the same time, placing the Combine proper under the safeguards would require substantial effort  and it is not clear if Rosatom will devote enough resources to this task.