New Russian-built enrichment plant in China begins operations

The uranium enrichment plant in Hanzhong, Shaanxi province began its operations in mid-March 2011. According to a report at, the plant is expected to reach full capacity of 0.5 million SWU/year in June 2011.

The new plant will bring the total capacity of enrichment plants that are supplied to China by Russia to 1.5 million SWU/year - three plants in Hanzhong (0.2 million SWU/year built in 1996, 0.3 million SWU/year in 1998, and 0.5 million SWU/year in 2011) and one in Lanzhou (0.5 million SWU/year in 2001).
The agreement on the latest plant in Hanzhong was reached in May 2008, first shipments of centrifuges took place in May 2009. China is also operating its own enrichment facility.