Plans to expand enrichment at Angarsk put on hold

Russia and Kazakhstan reportedly reached an agreement that would put on hold the plans to expand the uranium enrichment capacity at Angarsk. The expansion was part of the development strategy of the Russia-Kazakhstan joint venture, which was supposed to supply enriched uranium to the world market. (This joint venture is different from the International Uranium Enrichment Center in Angarsk, in which both countries are active participants.) The press reports quote a Russian official as saying that Russia offered Kazakhstan an up to 49 percent stake in one of its enrichment plants - Urals Electrochemical Combine or the Electrochemical Plant in Zelenogorsk.  

UPDATE 07/08/10: report suggests that Kazatomprom may receive up to 30% stake in the Urals Electrochemical Combine in Novouralsk.

UPDATE 09/09/10: The plan may not affect the Angarsk expansion plans that were independent of the Russia-Kazakhstan joint venture. According to these plans, Angarsk will increase its capacity to 4 million SWU/year.