Russia's civilian plutonium in 2010

Russia submitted its annual declaration that contains data on its holdings of civilian plutonium - INFCIRC/549/Add.9/13. According to the declaration, as of the end of 2010 Russia had 48.4 tonnes of unirradiated separated plutonium, 0.7 tonnes more than in 2009.

Of this amount, 47.0 tonnes is stored at the reprocessing plant, an increase of 700 kg over the 2009 amount. Other reported amounts of separated plutonium did not change: 300 kg is in unirradiated MOX fuel held at reactor sites and elsewhere, and 1,100 kg is "held elsewhere". Of the total amount of 48.4 tonnes, 0.3 kg of plutonium belongs to "foreign bodies". Also, Russia owns 0.6 kg of plutonium that is "held in locations in other countries". This amount is not included into the total. Transfer of these 600 g of material apparently took place in 2009 - no material was listed in this category in 2008.

In addition, Russia has 73 tonnes of plutonium in spent fuel that is stored at reactor sites, 4 tonnes - in spent fuel that is awaiting reprocessing at the reprocessing plant, and 49 tonnes - in spent fuel "held elsewhere". As of end of 2009, these numbers were 71 tonnes, 4 tonnes, and 47 tonnes respectively. Overall, Russia had 126 tonnes of plutonium still in spent fuel as of December 31, 2010, up 4 tonnes from December 2009.

These numbers do not include an estimated 18 tonnes of weapon-grade plutonium produced during 1994-2010, which is being stored at Seversk and Zheleznogorsk.