HEU left behind in 1998 is finally removed from Georgia

On 22 December 2015, the IAEA announced successful removal of 1.83 kg of HEU that from the Breeder-1 neutron activation facility in the Andronikashvili Institute of Physics in Tbilisi, Georgia. The material was transferred to a "secure storage facility" in Russia, most likely the NPO Luch in Podolsk, Russia.

The Breeder-1 facility was built around a PS-1 subcritical assembly that used 36% HEU in uranium oxide fuel. The core contained 660 g of U-235. PS-1 was designed and built at the VNIIRT in Moscow (currently NIITFA) in the early 1970s. The assembly (or its copy) was then transferred to Tbilisi.

According to the IAEA, Government of Georgia requested assistance in removing the material in June 2015.

It is notable that the PS-1 material was not included in the previous HEU removal operation, Auburn Endeavor, which took place in 1998. At the time, the United States and the United Kingdom removed from Georgia about 4.3 kg of fresh and 0.8 kg of spent HEU fuel of the IRT-M reactor. Since then, the GTRI program listed Georgia as a country that is free of HEU.