Supply of Russian HEU to Western Europe

According to IPFM information, Russia entered into two major HEU-supply arrangements in the 1990.

In April 1996, Russia concluded and agreement with France to supply it with HEU for three research reactors - one in Saclay site and for two reactors in Grenoble. Under the agreement, Minatom supplied 620 kg of HEU in three shipments completed by 2004. No arrangements for renewing the agreement have been made, although France reportedly expressed interest in acquiring more HEU from Russia (as well as from the United States). The Russian government has not yet decided on France's request.

Under the 1998 intergovernmental agreement with Germany, Russia supplied 300 kg of 93% enriched uranium. The agreement had an extension option that would increase the amount of uranium to 1200 kg. However, this option required an additional agreement. In 2003, five year before the expiration of the 1998 arrangement, Germany notified Russia that it will not try extending it.