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  1. Fissile material programs in the US budgets for 2022 and 2023
  2. United States to send small quantities of fissile materials to the IAEA
  3. Status of plutonium management in Japan in 2020
  4. U.S. plutonium pit production: Key updates
  5. Decommissioning the reprocessing plant in West Valley, New York
  6. Status of plutonium management in Japan in 2019
  7. BN-800 reactor to fully transition to MOX fuel in 2022
  8. Plutonium pit budget request: another massive increase expected
  9. New IPFM report on Britain's Thermal Oxide Reprocessing Plant (THORP)
  10. Russia uses civilian reactor-grade plutonium to produce MOX fuel for BN-800
  11. Status of plutonium management in Japan in 2018
  12. NRC terminates construction authorization for the MOX Fuel Fabrication Facility
  13. Japan's new policy on its plutonium stockpile
  14. Status of plutonium management in Japan in 2017
  15. U.S. Department of Energy takes steps to halt construction of partially finished MOX plant at Savannah River Site
  16. Questions about projected U.S. plutonium pit production capability
  17. Spent fuel of plutonium production reactors removed from Zheleznogorsk
  18. Status of plutonium management in Japan in 2016
  19. WIPP facility receives first shipment since reopening
  20. United Kingdom takes ownership of some Spanish and German plutonium
  21. United States asks IAEA to monitor dilute and dispose steps for 6 tons of plutonium
  22. U.S. Congress sustains MOX facility construction
  23. Russia suspends implementation of plutonium disposition agreement
  24. Disposition of plutonium in Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP)
  25. Future of Japan's Monju plutonium breeder reactor under review
  26. Japan releases 2015 report on plutonium management
  27. French plutonium policy questioned by a former senior EDF official
  28. Use of plutonium in MOX in the European Union
  29. Russia raises concerns about changes in U.S. plutonium disposition plan
  30. Plutonium from Japan is shipped to the United States
  31. United States brings plutonium from Germany, Switzerland, and Japan
  32. United States to discontinue construction of MOX Fuel Fabrication Facility
  33. Could the U.S. Waste Isolation Pilot Plant go critical if more plutonium were disposed in it?
  34. United States to dispose of 6 MT of weapon-grade plutonium in the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant
  35. IPFM Report "Plutonium Separation in Nuclear Power Programs" in Chinese
  36. Chinese scholars express concern about Japan's fissile materials
  37. Contractor's attempt to justify high cost of U.S. MOX program falls short
  38. GAO report evaluates U.S. efforts to secure vulnerable nuclear materials
  39. "Red Team" report confirms high cost of MOX option for disposal of U.S. excess plutonium
  40. New IPFM Report: Plutonium Separation in Nuclear Power Programs
  41. Plutonium disposition in the United Kingdom - Immobilization option re-opened?
  42. United Kingdom transfers "breeder material" from Dounreay to Sellafield
  43. United States has no preferred alternative for disposition of surplus plutonium
  44. Russia removed weapon-grade plutonium from Seversk
  45. Fourth plutonium production reactor in Pakistan appears operational
  46. Two new reports raise fundamental questions on Savannah River MOX plant
  47. Savannah River MOX Plant secures 2015 funding but future of program remains in doubt
  48. U.S. MOX plant construction license extended
  49. Tokai-mura reprocessing plant head-end to be shut down
  50. Japan's 2013 plutonium report
  51. Euratom safeguards in 2013
  52. UK decision to take over foreign plutonium raises safeguards questions
  53. Pakistan begins operating third Khushab plutonium production reactor
  54. MOX fuel in Japan: Summary of shipments, use, and storage
  55. Damning U.S. Department of Energy audit on cost and schedule overruns at the MOX Fabrication Facility at the Savannah River Site
  56. An error in Japan's civilian plutonium declarations
  57. United States and Japan to remove plutonium and HEU from Fast Critical Assembly
  58. Sweden wants to transfer ownership of 834 kg of separated plutonium to the United Kingdom
  59. United States puts MOX Fuel Fabrication Facility on cold standby
  60. Further increase in the cost of U.S. plutonium disposition program
  61. China calls on Japan to return weapons grade plutonium to the United States
  62. U.K. plutonium re-use policy slammed in House of Commons report
  63. Possible changes in U.S. and Russian excess plutonium disposition programs
  64. Japan to return plutonium used in critical assembly to the United States
  65. United Kingdom remains undecided on plutonium reuse options
  66. Rokkasho reprocessing plant expects to begin operations in October 2014
  67. FOIA document indicates cost of disposal of U.S. plutonium as waste cheaper than MOX
  68. United States to look for more efficient plutonium disposition options
  69. The cost of the U.S. MOX plant is estimated to be $7.7 billion
  70. United States begins shipments of plutonium from Savannah River to WIPP
  71. Special nuclear material removed from Livermore
  72. Environmental impact statement for the U.S. surplus plutonium disposition program
  73. United Kingdom takes ownership of German plutonium in title swap
  74. United States releases an update of its plutonium inventory
  75. United Kingdom to explore alternatives to use of MOX in light-water reactors
  76. Sweden to export plutonium to the United States
  77. United Kingdom to look at alternatives to MOX
  78. U.S. is working to remove nuclear material from Italy
  79. Sellafield Product & Residue Store received first batch of plutonium
  80. Pakistan is seen as building fourth plutonium production reactor
  81. Cadarache: Waste drums with plutonium content way off-limit
  82. Spent fuel of the BN-350 reactor moved to secure storage
  83. Restroom cleaner vapors shut down parts of Los Alamos plutonium processing facility
  84. Rokkasho plant extracted no plutonium in 2009
  85. Los Alamos repackages Russian-origin plutonium-238
  86. Changes in U.S. Surplus Plutonium Disposition program
  87. Project 816 - Unfinished plutonium production complex in China
  88. U.K. opens storage facility at Sellafield
  89. U.S.-Russian Plutonium Management and Disposition Agreement
  90. Russia no longer produces weapon materials
  91. United States and Russia sign protocol to plutonium disposition agreement
  92. Last Russian plutonium production reactor to finally shut down
  93. U.S. and Russia to finalize plutonium disposition agreement
  94. Plutonium processing to remain at Mayak
  95. Japan outlines plans for use of plutonium in its 2010 research program
  96. Pakistan may have completed new plutonium production reactor, Khushab-II
  97. Shutdown schedule for Russia's last plutonium production reactor
  98. Incident at Russian plutonium production reactor
  99. Civilian plutonium stocks in France 1994-2008
  100. GTRI plans for FY2011
  101. U.S. assistance in securing fissile materials in Russia
  102. U.S. contribution to Russia's plutonium disposition program
  103. U.S. fissile material disposition programs in FY2011
  104. U.S. administration requests funds for nuclear weapons facilities
  105. Ellen Tauscher outlines U.S. policies on nuclear fuel cycle
  106. Repair work completed on waste disposal site at La Hague
  107. French nuclear cooperation with India to cover reprocessing
  108. Large discrepancy in amount of plutonium at shutdown French MOX plant
  109. Euratom Supply Agency 2008 annual report details use of plutonium
  110. Russia restarts plutonium production reactor
  111. Plutonium production reactor in Zheleznogorsk shut down
  112. Metallurgical plant at Mayak to close by 2014
  113. The last Russian plutonium production reactor to shut down
  114. Last Russian plutonium production reactor to shut down in 2009
  115. Rosatom plans for Zheleznogorsk
  116. MOX fuel controversy
  117. Plutonium from last Russian production reactors
  118. Zheleznogorsk reactor shutdown schedule
  119. Mayak plans expansion of reprocessing
  120. Mayak wants to build a MOX fabrication plant
  121. Russia ends plutonium production in Seversk
  122. Areva signs contract to build MOX fuel fabrication facility
  123. Plutonium production reactor in Seversk shut down
  124. Most sensitive nuclear material removed from Sandia
  125. U.S.-Russian agreement on plutonium disposal
  126. U.S. removes nine tonnes of Pu from weapon stockpile