United States to send small quantities of fissile materials to the IAEA

US Nuclear Regulatory Commission received a request from the US National Nuclear Security Administration to license export of small quantities of fissile materials for the International Atomic Energy Agency. The license request XSNM3826 includes the following materials:

  1. Plutonium (93% Pu-239) metal - 30 g
  2. Uranium (94% U-235) metal - 50 g
  3. Uranium oxide (UO2) fuel pellet, 4% enriched - 1.5 kg of UO2 containing 99 g of U-235
  4. Uranium oxide (U3O8) powders, up to 97% enriched - 100 g of U3O8 (from depleted uranium to 97% enriched), containing 5 g of U-235
  5. Plutonium isotopic standard (50% Pu-239) - 10 g.

According to the application,

These materials are to be used at the International Atomic Energy Agency's Nuclear Materials Laboratory in Seibersdorf, Austria. They are used for calibration and quality control of measurements performed in support of Safeguards Agreements and support the IAEA's safeguards and nonproliferation mission.

UPDATE: The license XSNM3826 was granted on 12 May 2022.