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  1. 2020 civilian plutonium declarations submitted to the IAEA
  2. Kazakhstan moves downblended fuel of IGR reactor to storage
  3. United States and Kazakhstan work to eliminate HEU fuel of research reactors
  4. United States continues to supply weapon-grade HEU for French reactor
  5. 2019 civilian plutonium and HEU declarations submitted to the IAEA
  6. Belgium produced first commercial batch of Mo-99 with LEU
  7. 2018 civilian plutonium and HEU declarations submitted to the IAEA
  8. All fuel removed from the last HEU research reactor in Canada, SLOWPOKE-II Saskatchewan
  9. One of U.S. HEU reactors, TREAT, restarted
  10. 2017 civilian plutonium declarations submitted to IAEA
  11. Canada's NRU reactor permanently shut down
  12. Production of new highly enriched uranium in Russia for the FRM-II in Germany
  13. 2016 civilian plutonium reports submitted to IAEA
  14. U.S. Department of Energy seeks domestic enrichment capability
  15. All HEU fuel removed from Poland
  16. 2015 civilian plutonium reports submitted to IAEA
  17. Russia confirmed supplying HEU to the FRM-II reactor in Germany
  18. United States to export HEU fuel for Belgium's BR-2 reactor
  19. Canada to shut down one of its SLOWPOKE reactors
  20. Kazakhstan completed conversion of VVR-K reactor
  21. Plutonium from Japan is shipped to the United States
  22. U.S. National Academies report on reducing the use of HEU in research reactors
  23. 2014 civilian plutonium (and HEU) reports submitted to IAEA
  24. Gamma research reactor at Kurchatov Institute is being decommissioned
  25. United Stated to send 130 kg of HEU to France
  26. No research reactor fuel was shipped to the United States since 2012
  27. Russia completed conversion of Argus research reactor
  28. Russia and the United States continue to discuss conversion of research reactors
  29. United States prepares to restart TREAT reactor
  30. Fresh fuel of VVR-K critical assembly removed from Kazakhstan
  31. Some spent HEU fuel removed from Poland
  32. Belgium extends reprocessing contract with Areva on research reactor fuel
  33. US NRC releases report on the use of HEU in research reactors
  34. Kazakhstan is working on conversion of IVG research reactor
  35. Russia to return all HEU from Uzbekistan
  36. Russia to supply HEU to research reactors abroad
  37. Japan to return plutonium used in critical assembly to the United States
  38. Shipments of research reactor fuel to the United States
  39. Russia to supply HEU fuel for French research reactor
  40. All highly-enriched uranium removed from Vietnam
  41. Areva to supply fuel for FRM-II research reactor
  42. All HEU removed from Czech Republic
  43. HEU spent fuel of a Czech research reactor arrived in Murmansk
  44. No date yet for PIK reactor start-up
  45. All HEU removed from Austria
  46. Spent HEU fuel removed from Uzbekistan
  47. Russia to begin conversion of its research reactors to LEU in 2013
  48. Maria reactor in Poland converted to LEU
  49. Austria and Norway present a working paper on HEU minimization
  50. Conversion of High Flux Isotope Reactor at Oak Ridge delayed until 2020
  51. U.S. to supply LEU for Belgian BR2 research reactor
  52. U.S. reported to complete HEU shipment to France
  53. Vietnam to return spent fuel of research reactor in Dalat to Russia
  54. GAO report on U.S. ability to account for its nuclear material overseas
  55. More delays for PIK reactor
  56. Russia starts IBR-2 reactor after modernization
  57. Start-up of PIK reactor further delayed
  58. A bill to reduce use of HEU in Mo-99 production is introduced in the Senate
  59. Fresh HEU fuel removed from Ukraine
  60. Rosatom and DoE to study conversion of Russian reactors
  61. South Africa's Nesca to supply all-LEU molybdenum-99 to the United States
  62. Spent HEU fuel shipped from Poland
  63. Russia to remove HEU fuel from Belarus
  64. Failure of a research reactor in Egypt reported
  65. South African company delivers Mo-99 produced with LEU
  66. Canada completed repair of NRU reactor
  67. Supply of Russian HEU to Western Europe
  68. Update on shipments of research reactor fuel to the U.S.
  69. Russia's commitment to remove research reactor fuel in 2010
  70. Canada to return HEU from Chalk River to the United States
  71. All HEU removed from Chile
  72. Global inventory of HEU-fueled reactors, 2009
  73. Ukraine pledged to remove all HEU by 2012
  74. PIK reactor start-up delayed
  75. U.S. to supply HEU for the High Flux Reactor in France
  76. United States to send HEU to France for Belgian BR2 reactor
  77. GTRI plans for FY2011
  78. U.S. fissile material disposition programs in FY2011
  79. NRC declined to restrict licensing of civilian use of HEU
  80. Shipments of spent fuel of research reactors to the U.S.
  81. PIK reactor is ready for start-up
  82. Categorization of HEU fuel at Sandia
  83. Almost all HEU removed from Turkey
  84. Russia's reactor decommissioning plans
  85. GTRI announces reactor conversions, fuel removals
  86. NNSA announces conversion of research reactors
  87. Moscow summit yields little visible progress on nuclear cooperation
  88. Spent HEU fuel removed from Romania by air
  89. Fresh HEU fuel removed from Romania
  90. VVR-M reactor in Ukraine received LEU fuel
  91. U.S. removes spent HEU fuel from Australia
  92. Spent HEU fuel removed from Kazakhstan
  93. NRU reactor at Chalk River Labs shut down for repairs
  94. Update on GTRI strategy and numbers
  95. Russia will bring back spent fuel from research reactor in Romania
  96. Russia prepares to bring spent fuel from Hungary
  97. Research reactors conversion in Russia
  98. Spent HEU fuel removed from Bulgaria
  99. Fuel from reactor in Hungary will be removed this year
  100. Russia will work to remove spent fuel of a research reactor from Bulgaria
  101. Spent HEU fuel removed from Latvia
  102. TVEL will supply HEU fuel to Poland