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  1. Kazakhstan (almost) pulls out of uranium enrichment join venture with Russia
  2. Construction of Russia's BN-1200 fast-neutron reactor delayed until 2030s
  3. Areva's Eagle Rock Enrichment Facility license withdrawn
  4. Silex pulls out of U.S. laser enrichment projects
  5. Georges Besse II enrichment plant reached full capacity
  6. Reprocessing plant at Mayak to begin reprocessing of VVER-1000 fuel
  7. Russia suspends cooperation agreement with the United States and ends reactor conversion work
  8. Brazil to export enriched uranium from Resende to Argentina
  9. Russia is expanding its reprocessing program at Mayak
  10. Russia launches commercial MOX fuel fabrication facility
  11. Russia considers postponing construction of the BN-1200 breeder reactor
  12. Russia and the United States continue to discuss conversion of research reactors
  13. BN-800 fast reactor to reach criticality in April 2014
  14. Russia to supply HEU fuel for French research reactor
  15. China's centrifuges produced first enriched uranium
  16. Enrichment plant in Paducah to close
  17. Areva launches commercial production at Georges Besse II North enrichment plant
  18. Russia to begin conversion of its research reactors to LEU in 2013
  19. Russia and the United States to work on HEU removal
  20. Russia and the United States to work on reactor conversion
  21. Georges Besse enrichment plant ceases production
  22. Decommissioning of Seversk plutonium production reactors
  23. Rosatom confirms it will not bring foreign-origin spent fuel to Russia
  24. Tenex and USEC sign LEU supply contract, discuss enrichment facility in the U.S.
  25. South Africa considers joining the Angarsk center
  26. Areva inaugurates the Georges Besse II enrichment plant
  27. HEU-fueled reactor operated without license for months
  28. Rosatom set to manufacture MOX fuel at Zheleznogorsk
  29. Rosatom may build an enrichment facility in the United States
  30. Rosatom may build an enrichment facility in the United States
  31. URENCO begins enrichment in the United States
  32. Plans to expand enrichment at Angarsk put on hold
  33. Plutonium processing to remain at Mayak
  34. A French documentary on nuclear waste
  35. U.S. assistance in securing fissile materials in Russia
  36. URENCO outlines expansion plans
  37. BN-800 expected to begin operations in 2014
  38. Ukraine is finally joining the Angarsk center
  39. Expansion of enrichment capacity in Angarsk
  40. U.S. and Russian experts talk nuclear security at Angarsk
  41. Moscow summit yields little visible progress on nuclear cooperation
  42. Rosatom signs another fuel contract in U.S.
  43. Russia in talks about centrifuge plant in the U.S.?
  44. Russia will sell enrichment services directly to U.S. utilities
  45. Russia will sell enrichment services directly to U.S. utilities
  46. Metallurgical plant at Mayak to close by 2014
  47. Iran says it's still interested in Angarsk IUEC
  48. Rosatom floating reactors plans
  49. Russia signs nuclear agreement with Mongolia
  50. Ukraine is joining Angarsk center
  51. Bushehr start date is uncertain
  52. Areva to supply enrichment services to EdF
  53. Large spent fuel repository planned for Krasnoyarsk region
  54. U.S. Supreme Court rules that enriched uranium is "goods"
  55. Rosatom plans for Zheleznogorsk
  56. USEC American Centrifuge Plant to cost $3.5 billion
  57. Construction of spent fuel storage facility in Zheleznogorsk to resume
  58. No centrifuge safeguards in Angarsk
  59. Rosatom took control over nuclear icebreakers
  60. Massive subsidy to Rosatom
  61. Cameco joins the Silex project
  62. Russia and China sign enrichment deal
  63. Accelerated downblending: Domenici amendment
  64. Spent HEU fuel removed from Latvia
  65. AREVA will build an enrichment plant in Idaho
  66. GE-Hitachi plans to build a Silex plant in U.S.
  67. Failure of GNEP strategy
  68. Japan is cautious about Angarsk
  69. Russia will continue supplying centrifuges to China
  70. Russia may build a centrifuge plant in the U.S.?
  71. Armenia joins Angarsk center
  72. Angarsk will be under IAEA safeguards
  73. Russia and the United States signed a uranium agreement
  74. Russia and the United States signed a uranium agreement
  75. U.S. and Russia to sign a uranium enrichment deal
  76. U.S.-Russian agreement on plutonium disposal