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  1. Magnox reprocessing plant completed operations
  2. UK company requested five grams of HEU for radiation detectors
  3. 2020 civilian plutonium declarations submitted to the IAEA
  4. Status of plutonium management in Japan in 2020
  5. 2019 civilian plutonium and HEU declarations submitted to the IAEA
  6. Status of plutonium management in Japan in 2019
  7. UK Sellafield Magnox Reprocessing Plant to close in 2021, one year later than planned
  8. US debates its future needs for enriched uranium for military and other purposes
  9. New IPFM report on Britain's Thermal Oxide Reprocessing Plant (THORP)
  10. 2018 civilian plutonium and HEU declarations submitted to the IAEA
  11. Status of plutonium management in Japan in 2018
  12. Transfer of HEU from the United Kingdom to the United States is completed
  13. Sellafield's THORP reprocessing plant shut down
  14. New UK Voluntary Offer Agreement with IAEA
  15. 2017 civilian plutonium declarations submitted to IAEA
  16. Japan's new policy on its plutonium stockpile
  17. Status of plutonium management in Japan in 2017
  18. Small amount of HEU from the United States to the United Kingdom
  19. 2016 civilian plutonium reports submitted to IAEA
  20. Nuclear Safeguards Bill introduced to UK parliament
  21. British pledge to go it alone on safeguards implementation
  22. United Kingdom discusses implications of its departure from Euratom treaty
  23. Status of plutonium management in Japan in 2016
  24. High Level FMCT Expert Preparatory Group begins its work
  25. More than twenty states commit to minimize HEU in civilian applications
  26. United Kingdom takes ownership of some Spanish and German plutonium
  27. Sellafield's Evaporator D Project - A Lesson for La Hague?
  28. 2015 civilian plutonium reports submitted to IAEA
  29. Dealing with Russia's concerns about the isotopics of disposed plutonium
  30. Questionable HEU exchange between United Kingdom and United States
  31. Ongoing transfers of weapon materials between the United States and the United Kingdom
  32. IPFM Report "Alternatives to MOX" in Chinese
  33. IPFM Report "Plutonium Separation in Nuclear Power Programs" in Chinese
  34. Sellafield's ageing THORP plant flunks major foreign fuel reprocessing target
  35. 2014 civilian plutonium (and HEU) reports submitted to IAEA
  36. Plutonium disposition in the United Kingdom - Immobilization option re-opened?
  37. United Kingdom transfers "breeder material" from Dounreay to Sellafield
  38. Alternatives to MOX: a new report by the International Panel on Fissile Materials
  39. Ukraine and Holtec sign an updated agreement to build spent fuel storage
  40. Ukraine begins construction of centralized spent fuel storage
  41. Japan's 2013 plutonium report
  42. UK civilian plutonium and uranium stocks in 2013
  43. UK decision to take over foreign plutonium raises safeguards questions
  44. United States and Japan to remove plutonium and HEU from Fast Critical Assembly
  45. Sweden wants to transfer ownership of 834 kg of separated plutonium to the United Kingdom
  46. U.K. plutonium re-use policy slammed in House of Commons report
  47. Japan to return plutonium used in critical assembly to the United States
  48. Nuclear train accident in Britain latest of a recent series
  49. United Kingdom remains undecided on plutonium reuse options
  50. Transfer of Georgian HEU spent fuel from Dounreay to Savannah River Site
  51. UK nuclear warhead dismantlement program
  52. United Kingdom declares its 2012 civilian plutonium and HEU stocks
  53. Lessons learned from Sellafield MOX Plant
  54. Civilian plutonium swap increased the amount of UK owned plutonium
  55. Japan's 2011 civilian plutonium declaration
  56. UK civilian plutonium and HEU stocks in 2011
  57. United Kingdom takes ownership of German plutonium in title swap
  58. United Kingdom to explore alternatives to use of MOX in light-water reactors
  59. U.K. Nuclear Decommissioning Authority publishes oxide fuel strategy
  60. United Kingdom to look at alternatives to MOX
  61. Another malfunction at the Rokkasho reprocessing plant
  62. Blue Ribbon Commission released its final report
  63. United Kingdom plans to convert its civilian plutonium to MOX
  64. International Panel on Fissile Materials releases report on management of spent fuel from nuclear power reactors
  65. Closure of Sellafield MOX Plant Announced
  66. High-level waste shipments from Sellafield to Japan continue
  67. Draft report of the Blue Ribbon Commission
  68. Managing nuclear spent fuel: Policy lessons from a 10-country study
  69. United Kingdom declares civilian plutonium and HEU holdings in 2010
  70. Sellafield radioactive discharges: Breach of international convention in normal operation
  71. Sellafield Product & Residue Store received first batch of plutonium
  72. Plutonium to MOX: "Repeating Mistakes of the Past"
  73. UK Separated Plutonium Management - A New Sellafield MOX Plant?
  74. Another delay for Rokkasho reprocessing plant
  75. United Kingdom's declaration of civilian plutonium and HEU in 2009
  76. U.K. opens storage facility at Sellafield
  77. UK begins return of high-level waste to foreign customers amid uncertainty about its own plutonium
  78. Poor safety record at Sellafield plutonium facilities
  79. History and status of fast breeder reactor programs worldwide
  80. Blue Ribbon Commission will examine fuel cycle
  81. Improvements of the MPC&A system at Mayak
  82. Ellen Tauscher outlines U.S. policies on nuclear fuel cycle
  83. Repair work completed on waste disposal site at La Hague
  84. The end of Yucca Mountain
  85. Russia will bring back spent fuel from research reactor in Romania
  86. Cooperation on shared nuclear waste repository in Europe
  87. Launch of Rokkasho plant delayed
  88. Large spent fuel repository planned for Krasnoyarsk region
  89. GTRI to bring gap material from Canada, South Africa
  90. Russia prepares to bring spent fuel from Hungary
  91. Rosatom plans for Zheleznogorsk
  92. Construction of spent fuel storage facility in Zheleznogorsk to resume
  93. Spent HEU fuel removed from Bulgaria
  94. Fuel from reactor in Hungary will be removed this year
  95. Mayak plans expansion of reprocessing
  96. Russia will work to remove spent fuel of a research reactor from Bulgaria
  97. Spent HEU fuel removed from Latvia
  98. Ukraine is holding back its spent fuel due to raising cost
  99. Russian-Indian agreement on Kudankulam
  100. Ukraine is building spent fuel storage facility
  101. Russia raises the cost of spent fuel takeback