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  1. All HEU removed from the Kyoto University Critical Assembly
  2. Status of plutonium management in Japan in 2021
  3. France will accept plutonium from Japan's Fugen reactor
  4. Removal of HEU from three Japan's research facilities
  5. Spent fuel of Monju reactor to be reprocessed in France
  6. Shipment of MOX fuel from France to Japan
  7. 2020 civilian plutonium declarations submitted to the IAEA
  8. Status of plutonium management in Japan in 2020
  9. 2019 civilian plutonium and HEU declarations submitted to the IAEA
  10. Status of plutonium management in Japan in 2019
  11. Launch of the Rokkasho reprocessing plant is postponed until 2022
  12. 2018 civilian plutonium and HEU declarations submitted to the IAEA
  13. Japan's uranium enrichment plant in Rokkasho shipped little product since 2012
  14. Status of plutonium management in Japan in 2018
  15. 2017 civilian plutonium declarations submitted to IAEA
  16. Japan's new policy on its plutonium stockpile
  17. Status of plutonium management in Japan in 2017
  18. Japan approves a plan to decommission Tokai-mura reprocessing plant
  19. 30-year plan approved to decommission Japan's Monju prototype fast-breeder reactor
  20. Rokkasho plant will not start until 2021
  21. Monju reactor is finally shut down
  22. 2016 civilian plutonium reports submitted to IAEA
  23. Rokkasho plant is facing another delay
  24. Status of plutonium management in Japan in 2016
  25. High Level FMCT Expert Preparatory Group begins its work
  26. Japan decides to decommission the Monju reactor
  27. At least eight years needed to restart Monju reactor
  28. 2015 civilian plutonium reports submitted to IAEA
  29. Future of Japan's Monju plutonium breeder reactor under review
  30. Japan releases 2015 report on plutonium management
  31. United States to provide a small amount of HEU to Japan
  32. Japan's new law on funding plutonium reprocessing
  33. Dealing with Russia's concerns about the isotopics of disposed plutonium
  34. Plutonium from Japan is shipped to the United States
  35. United States brings plutonium from Germany, Switzerland, and Japan
  36. IPFM Report "Alternatives to MOX" in Chinese
  37. IPFM Report "Plutonium Separation in Nuclear Power Programs" in Chinese
  38. Another delay for the Rokkasho reprocessing plant
  39. Sellafield's ageing THORP plant flunks major foreign fuel reprocessing target
  40. Monju operator unfit for purpose
  41. Chinese scholars express concern about Japan's fissile materials
  42. 2014 civilian plutonium (and HEU) reports submitted to IAEA
  43. Alternatives to MOX: a new report by the International Panel on Fissile Materials
  44. No research reactor fuel was shipped to the United States since 2012
  45. Launch of the Rokkasho reprocessing plant is delayed again
  46. Japan submitted its 2013 plutonium report to IAEA
  47. Tokai-mura reprocessing plant head-end to be shut down
  48. Launch of Rokkasho reprocessing plant is likely to be delayed
  49. Japan's 2013 plutonium report
  50. 1,000 tonnes of THORP contracts abandoned since 1994
  51. MOX fuel in Japan: Summary of shipments, use, and storage
  52. An error in Japan's civilian plutonium declarations
  53. Japanese-French fast breeder cooperation
  54. United States and Japan to remove plutonium and HEU from Fast Critical Assembly
  55. China calls on Japan to return weapons grade plutonium to the United States
  56. Japan to return plutonium used in critical assembly to the United States
  57. Japanese breeder Monju control room computer hacked
  58. Shipments of research reactor fuel to the United States
  59. Japan reports its 2012 plutonium stock to IAEA
  60. Japan's 2012 plutonium management report
  61. Roadmap for ending plutonium separation in Japan
  62. Japan's nuclear regulator to suspend Monju reactor
  63. Rokkasho reprocessing plant unlikely to start before 2014
  64. Civilian plutonium swap increased the amount of UK owned plutonium
  65. Japan's 2011 civilian plutonium declaration
  66. Another malfunction at the Rokkasho reprocessing plant
  67. Japan starts operating new centrifuges
  68. Japanese mislead about spent fuel reprocessing costs
  69. Mongolia ends discussions of spent fuel storage
  70. Japan's civilian plutonium holdings in 2010
  71. International Panel on Fissile Materials releases report on management of spent fuel from nuclear power reactors
  72. GAO report on U.S. ability to account for its nuclear material overseas
  73. High-level waste shipments from Sellafield to Japan continue
  74. Details of the plan to store spent fuel in Mongolia
  75. Japan considers shutting down Monju fast-breeder reactor
  76. Managing nuclear spent fuel: Policy lessons from a 10-country study
  77. Conflicting reports about spent fuel disposal in Mongolia
  78. Fire in the spent fuel pool of Unit 4 at Fukushima-I
  79. Japan shuts down last centrifuge cascade in Rokkasho
  80. Monju reactor is unlikely to start until 2014
  81. Japanese utilities increase their stake in Georges Besse II enrichment plant
  82. Japan's civilian plutonium stock as of December 2009
  83. Rokkasho plant extracted no plutonium in 2009
  84. Accident at the Monju fast breeder reactor
  85. Another delay for Rokkasho reprocessing plant
  86. Third reactor in Japan to use MOX fuel
  87. Japanese fast breeder reactor Monju restarted after 14-year shutdown
  88. Japanese daily Asahi slams breeder reactors
  89. Update on shipments of research reactor fuel to the U.S.
  90. UK begins return of high-level waste to foreign customers amid uncertainty about its own plutonium
  91. AREVA signs MOX fuel fabrication contract with Japanese utility
  92. Japan outlines plans for use of plutonium in its 2010 research program
  93. Status of Japan's MOX fuel program
  94. History and status of fast breeder reactor programs worldwide
  95. Civilian plutonium stocks in France 1994-2008
  96. Shipments of spent fuel of research reactors to the U.S.
  97. Launch of Rokkasho plant delayed
  98. MOX fuel shipment to Japan prepared
  99. Japan is cautious about Angarsk