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  1. Belgium produced first commercial batch of Mo-99 with LEU
  2. Supply of U.S. HEU to Europe for Mo-99 production continues
  3. Request for another shipment of U.S. HEU to Europe for Mo-99 production
  4. Canada's NRU reactor permanently shut down
  5. United States to send more HEU to Europe for Mo-99 production
  6. Medical isotope production in the Netherlands converted to LEU
  7. United States to continue supplying HEU for Mo-99 production in Europe
  8. Isotope production in South Africa converted to LEU
  9. Production of medical isotopes in Russia
  10. Export of U.S. HEU to Europe authorized
  11. U.S. material in Europe to be used to manufacture HEU targets
  12. United States to prepare HEU shipment to Canada as part of a Mo-99 contingency plan
  13. National Academies report on production of molybdenum-99 for medical imaging
  14. Indonesia is now free of HEU
  15. By exporting HEU to Europe United States contradicts its own Nuclear Security Summit pledge
  16. United States to supply HEU for Mo-99 production in Europe
  17. U.S. HEU for medical isotope production in Europe
  18. Some spent HEU fuel removed from Poland
  19. United States to send more HEU to Europe for medical isotope production
  20. United States continues export of highly enriched uranium to Canada and Europe
  21. United States continues to supply HEU to Europe
  22. United States to ship 7.5 kg of HEU to Canada
  23. United States continues HEU supply to Canada
  24. All HEU removed from Czech Republic
  25. Russia to begin conversion of its research reactors to LEU in 2013
  26. U.S. administration announces steps to encourage production of Mo-99 without HEU
  27. NNSA requests license to supply HEU to Europe
  28. Austria and Norway present a working paper on HEU minimization
  29. NNSA to support accelerator-driven Mo-99 production in the U.S.
  30. U.S. to supply HEU to European countries while they pursue conversion
  31. Congress urged to restrict Russian medical isotopes produced with HEU
  32. Russia begins shipments of Mo-99 to Iran
  33. A bill to reduce use of HEU in Mo-99 production is introduced in the Senate
  34. South Africa's Nesca to supply all-LEU molybdenum-99 to the United States
  35. HFR reactor at Petten resumed operations
  36. NIIAR at Dimitrovgrad prepares to enter Mo-99 market
  37. South African company delivers Mo-99 produced with LEU
  38. Canada completed repair of NRU reactor
  39. Obninsk institute produces Mo-99 for Poland
  40. Canada to return HEU from Chalk River to the United States
  41. HFR reactor shut down for repairs
  42. Maria reactor to produce molybdenum
  43. Two U.S. companies get grants to build domestic medical isotope production
  44. NRU reactor at Chalk River Labs shut down for repairs
  45. HFR isotope production reactor restart
  46. Europe's isotope production reactors are down