Export of U.S. HEU to Europe authorized

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission approved export license XSNM3776 that authorizes a shipment of 3.7 kg of 93.35% HEU (3.45 kg of U-235) to Europe. The material will be shipped to Areva facility in Romans, which will fabricate targets for Mo-99 production. The license was requested by the U.S. Department of Energy in July 2016. It requested export of 7.2 kg of HEU. However, a change of terms of a different license, XSNM3622, left surplus 3.5 kg of HEU at the Areva fuel fabrication facility. Accordingly, NRC issued a license to export a reduced quantity of material. In a letter issued by NRC, the commission presents this decision as a response to the earlier criticism of the continuing practice of exporting HEU to Europe.