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  1. Areva's Eagle Rock Enrichment Facility license withdrawn
  2. All HEU removed from the VVR-K reactor in Kazakhstan
  3. Russia prepares to accept spent fuel of Kazakhstan's VVR-K reactor
  4. No research reactor fuel was shipped to the United States since 2012
  5. Shipments of research reactor fuel to the United States
  6. Transfer of Georgian HEU spent fuel from Dounreay to Savannah River Site
  7. Spent HEU fuel removed from Uzbekistan
  8. Russia to take spent fuel of Uzbekistan's research reactors
  9. U.S.-origin HEU spent fuel removed from South Africa
  10. Rosatom confirms it will not bring foreign-origin spent fuel to Russia
  11. Spent fuel of a research reactor in Vinca shipped to Russia
  12. Update on shipments of research reactor fuel to the U.S.
  13. GTRI plans for FY2011
  14. Shipments of spent fuel of research reactors to the U.S.
  15. Ellen Tauscher outlines U.S. policies on nuclear fuel cycle
  16. Ellen Tauscher outlines U.S. policies on nuclear fuel cycle
  17. Ukraine is finally joining the Angarsk center
  18. Almost all HEU removed from Turkey
  19. Spent HEU fuel removed from Romania by air
  20. Rosatom signs another fuel contract in U.S.
  21. Russia will sell enrichment services directly to U.S. utilities
  22. U.S. removes spent HEU fuel from Australia
  23. Spent HEU fuel removed from Kazakhstan
  24. Ukraine signs fuel supply contract with TVEL
  25. Iran says it's still interested in Angarsk IUEC
  26. Russia will bring back spent fuel from research reactor in Romania
  27. Russia signs nuclear agreement with Mongolia
  28. TVEL will supply fuel pellets to India
  29. Ukraine is joining Angarsk center
  30. Areva to supply reactors, fuel, and uranium to India
  31. Areva to supply enrichment services to EdF
  32. U.S. Supreme Court rules that enriched uranium is "goods"
  33. GTRI to bring gap material from Canada, South Africa
  34. Russia prepares to bring spent fuel from Hungary
  35. USEC American Centrifuge Plant to cost $3.5 billion
  36. U.S. donates $50 million to fuel bank
  37. Spent HEU fuel removed from Bulgaria
  38. Fuel from reactor in Hungary will be removed this year
  39. Kudankulam fuel shipments completed
  40. Cameco joins the Silex project
  41. Russia will work to remove spent fuel of a research reactor from Bulgaria
  42. Russia and China sign enrichment deal
  43. Accelerated downblending: Domenici amendment
  44. Spent HEU fuel removed from Latvia
  45. AREVA will build an enrichment plant in Idaho
  46. GE-Hitachi plans to build a Silex plant in U.S.
  47. Failure of GNEP strategy
  48. Ukraine fuel supply between TVEL and Westinghouse
  49. Ukraine is holding back its spent fuel due to raising cost
  50. Russia may build a centrifuge plant in the U.S.?
  51. Ukraine tries to diversify fuel supply
  52. Russian-Indian agreement on Kudankulam
  53. Russian-Indian agreement on Kudankulam
  54. Russia and the United States signed a uranium agreement
  55. Ukraine to create fuel reserve
  56. U.S. and Russia to sign a uranium enrichment deal
  57. Russia delivers fuel for the Bushehr plant in Iran
  58. Russia raises the cost of spent fuel takeback
  59. Price of Russian fuel for Ukraine
  60. Price of Russian fuel for Ukraine