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  1. U.S. plutonium pit production: Key updates
  2. United States to down-blend HEU for tritium production
  3. Declaring more U.S. weapon-grade uranium excess could delay the need to build a new national enrichment plant
  4. Russia to decommission a metallurgical plant in Seversk
  5. Ongoing transfers of weapon materials between the United States and the United Kingdom
  6. Contractor's attempt to justify high cost of U.S. MOX program falls short
  7. "Red Team" report confirms high cost of MOX option for disposal of U.S. excess plutonium
  8. United Kingdom transfers "breeder material" from Dounreay to Sellafield
  9. Independent review on escalating MOX plant costs and DOE reversal of MOX option for surplus plutonium
  10. Russia removed weapon-grade plutonium from Seversk
  11. Pakistan's Chashma reprocessing plant may be completed
  12. Fourth plutonium production reactor in Pakistan appears operational
  13. Pakistan begins operating third Khushab plutonium production reactor
  14. Rokkasho reprocessing plant expects to begin operations in October 2014
  15. UK nuclear warhead dismantlement program
  16. Special nuclear material removed from Livermore
  17. Unprecedented security breach at the key U.S. HEU storage facility
  18. United States releases an update of its plutonium inventory
  19. Russia to complete separation of weapon-grade plutonium
  20. India plans new research reactors
  21. Pakistan is seen as building fourth plutonium production reactor
  22. Project 816 - Unfinished plutonium production complex in China
  23. U.S.-Russian Plutonium Management and Disposition Agreement
  24. United States and Russia sign protocol to plutonium disposition agreement
  25. Pakistan may have completed new plutonium production reactor, Khushab-II
  26. Tritium production and recovery in the United States in FY2011
  27. U.S. administration requests funds for nuclear weapons facilities
  28. TVEL will supply fuel pellets to India
  29. U.S.-Russian agreement on plutonium disposal
  30. U.S. removes nine tonnes of Pu from weapon stockpile