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  1. Kazakhstan moves downblended fuel of IGR reactor to storage
  2. United States and Kazakhstan work to eliminate HEU fuel of research reactors
  3. Kazakhstan (almost) pulls out of uranium enrichment join venture with Russia
  4. Final shipment of LEU arrived at the IAEA fuel bank in Kazakhstan
  5. IAEA buys uranium for the fuel bank in Kazakhstan
  6. Kazakhstan tests LEU fuel in IVG research reactor
  7. All HEU removed from the VVR-K reactor in Kazakhstan
  8. LEU fuel bank in Kazakhstan is inaugurated
  9. Russia prepares to accept spent fuel of Kazakhstan's VVR-K reactor
  10. IAEA fuel bank in Kazakhstan is set to open in September 2017
  11. Kazakhstan completed conversion of VVR-K reactor
  12. Kazakhstan and IAEA sign agreement to set up LEU fuel bank
  13. IAEA approves the LEU bank in Kazakhstan
  14. Kazakhstan approves an agreement with IAEA to create an LEU reserve
  15. Kazakhstan removes spent fuel of VVR-K reactor, commits to eliminate HEU
  16. Fresh fuel of VVR-K critical assembly removed from Kazakhstan
  17. Kazakhstan is working on conversion of IVG research reactor
  18. Kazakhstan begins tests of LEU fuel for VVR-K reactor
  19. Kazakhstan offers Ulba as a site for IAEA fuel bank
  20. Russia develops LEU fuel for VVR-K reactor in Kazakhstan
  21. Kazakhstan eliminates 33 kg of fresh HEU fuel
  22. Spent fuel of the BN-350 reactor moved to secure storage
  23. Plans to expand enrichment at Angarsk put on hold
  24. GTRI plans for FY2011
  25. U.S. assistance in securing fissile materials in Russia
  26. Ukraine is finally joining the Angarsk center
  27. Expansion of enrichment capacity in Angarsk
  28. Spent HEU fuel removed from Kazakhstan
  29. Ukraine is joining Angarsk center