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  1. BN-800 reactor to fully transition to MOX fuel in 2022
  2. Russia uses civilian reactor-grade plutonium to produce MOX fuel for BN-800
  3. All HEU removed from the VVR-K reactor in Kazakhstan
  4. Production of medical isotopes in Russia
  5. Russia prepares to accept spent fuel of Kazakhstan's VVR-K reactor
  6. Kazakhstan completed conversion of VVR-K reactor
  7. Russian BN-800 fast breeder reactor connected to grid
  8. Russia launches commercial MOX fuel fabrication facility
  9. Kazakhstan removes spent fuel of VVR-K reactor, commits to eliminate HEU
  10. Fresh fuel of VVR-K critical assembly removed from Kazakhstan
  11. Russian BN-800 breeder has reached criticality
  12. BN-800 fast reactor to reach criticality in April 2014
  13. All HEU removed from Hungary
  14. Spent HEU fuel removed from Uzbekistan
  15. Kazakhstan begins tests of LEU fuel for VVR-K reactor
  16. Russia is set to produce new highly-enriched uranium
  17. China delays purchase of Russian fast neutron reactors
  18. Russia to take spent fuel of Uzbekistan's research reactors
  19. Russia develops LEU fuel for VVR-K reactor in Kazakhstan
  20. Vietnam to return spent fuel of research reactor in Dalat to Russia
  21. Congress urged to restrict Russian medical isotopes produced with HEU
  22. Kazakhstan eliminates 33 kg of fresh HEU fuel
  23. Russia begins shipments of Mo-99 to Iran
  24. Fresh HEU fuel removed from Ukraine
  25. Spent fuel of Rossendorf research reactor to be shipped to Russia
  26. Failure of a research reactor in Egypt reported
  27. Rosatom set to manufacture MOX fuel at Zheleznogorsk
  28. Spent HEU fuel removed from a research reactor in Kiev
  29. Obninsk institute produces Mo-99 for Poland
  30. Russia's commitment to remove research reactor fuel in 2010
  31. U.S. and Russia to finalize plutonium disposition agreement
  32. Ukraine pledged to remove all HEU by 2012
  33. U.S. contribution to Russia's plutonium disposition program
  34. BN-800 expected to begin operations in 2014
  35. NNSA announces conversion of research reactors
  36. Spent HEU fuel removed from Romania by air
  37. VVR-M reactor in Ukraine received LEU fuel
  38. Russia prepares to bring spent fuel from Hungary
  39. Fuel from reactor in Hungary will be removed this year
  40. Mayak wants to build a MOX fabrication plant
  41. U.S.-Russian agreement on plutonium disposal