Spent fuel of Rossendorf research reactor to be shipped to Russia

Germany's nuclear regulator, Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS), gave its approval to a shipment of spent fuel of the research reactor in Rossendorf, East Germany, to Russia. The shipment will include 951 irradiated fuel assemblies that contain 349 kg of uranium and plutonium (according to one report, the spent fuel contains 54.6 kg of U-235 and 2 kg of plutonium). The assemblies in 18 casks are currently located at the interim storage facility in Ahaus, where they were moved from Rossendorf in 2005. It will be transported to the Mayak facility in Russia, possibly by the end of 2010

The research reactor in Rossendorf was a Soviet-built reactor of the VVR-2 type. It was shut down in 1991. Fresh HEU fuel of the Rossendorf reactor was shipped to Russia in December 2006 with the assistance of the U.S. NNSA, as part of the GTRI program. The shipment contained 268 kg of HEU.