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  1. U.S. Department of Energy "exploring" spent fuel reprocessing again
  2. Sellafield's THORP reprocessing plant shut down
  3. Second pilot reprocessing line in Zheleznogorsk
  4. Test run of a new reprocessing plant in Zheleznogorsk
  5. Decision time for Sweden's final repository for spent nuclear fuel
  6. Status of plutonium management in Japan in 2016
  7. Reprocessing plant at Mayak to begin reprocessing of VVER-1000 fuel
  8. World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2016 released
  9. French plutonium policy questioned by a former senior EDF official
  10. Russia is expanding its reprocessing program at Mayak
  11. Use of plutonium in MOX in the European Union
  12. Japan's new law on funding plutonium reprocessing
  13. Evaporator corrosion at La Hague threatens future reprocessing - Time for a strategy rethink?
  14. Sellafield's ageing THORP plant flunks major foreign fuel reprocessing target
  15. United States grants advance consents rights to Korea for overseas reprocessing
  16. Advisory group recommends building dry storage facility in South Korea
  17. Alternatives to MOX: a new report by the International Panel on Fissile Materials
  18. Taiwan spent fuel reprocessing tender process suspended
  19. Taiwan tenders spent fuel reprocessing contract
  20. Tokai-mura reprocessing plant head-end to be shut down
  21. Nuclear train accident in Britain latest of a recent series
  22. Areva to produce MOX fuel for the Netherlands
  23. Roadmap for ending plutonium separation in Japan
  24. Dutch spent fuel arrived for reprocessing at La Hague
  25. U.S. Department of Energy sets strategy for dealing with spent fuel
  26. U.K. Nuclear Decommissioning Authority publishes oxide fuel strategy
  27. Blue Ribbon Commission released its final report
  28. Mongolia ends discussions of spent fuel storage
  29. International Panel on Fissile Materials releases report on management of spent fuel from nuclear power reactors
  30. Draft report of the Blue Ribbon Commission
  31. Managing nuclear spent fuel: Policy lessons from a 10-country study
  32. IPFM to present findings of forthcoming report on spent nuclear fuel management
  33. Conflicting reports about spent fuel disposal in Mongolia
  34. Blue Ribbon Commission will examine fuel cycle
  35. Seminar on fissile materials stocks at UNIDIR
  36. Ellen Tauscher outlines U.S. policies on nuclear fuel cycle
  37. IPFM presentation on Scope and Verification of a Fissile Material (Cutoff) Treaty at the United Nations Conference on Disarmament, Geneva
  38. 5th IPFM Plenary Meeting in Geneva, May 2008