Countries: Non-nuclear weapon states


Highly enriched uranium

According to the 2019 IAEA Annual Report, as of the end of 2019 there were 154 significant quantities of HEU under safeguards at states with comprehensive safeguards agreements. This corresponds to about 15 tons of HEU, of which about 5 tons is HEU with average enrichment of 60% and about 10 tons of HEU with enrichment of about 20% in spent fuel of BN-350 reactor that is stored in Kazakhstan.


Of the non-nuclear weapon states, Japan owns the largest stock of separated plutonium. According to its 2019 declaration, it owned 45.5 tons of the material, of which 8.9 tons were located in Japan. Other countries that own separated plutonium include Spain, Switzerland, Italy, and the Netherlands, which own civilian plutonium that is stored abroad.