Australia's 2019 INFCIRC/912 HEU report

Australia became the second state that submitted an annual INFCIRC/912 declaration. The report, INFCIRC/912/Add.4, submitted to the IAEA in January 2020, reflects the status of Australia's HEU stock as of 30 June 2019.

At that date, Australia had 2726 g of U-235 in unirradiated HEU "in storage or for research" and 20 g of U-235 in irradiated HEU in "fission detectors and other material in storage."

The mass of HEU and therefore the enrichment of the material has not been reported. Neither did Australia choose the option of covering the history of its HEU stocks as was suggested in the original HEU minimization commitment - "The first report´╝îdue by 1 May 2017, could also cover historical activities."

INFCIRC/912 is a statement in which more than twenty states committed to minimize civilian use of HEU and regularly report on the progress. The first reports were expected to be submitted by 1 May 2017. The first INFCIRC/912 report was submitted by Norway in August 2019. France, Germany, and the United Kingdom report their HEU stocks in INFCIRC/549 reports.