Norway submits first HEU declaration under INFCIRC/912

In July 2019 Norway submitted to the IAEA the first national report on civilian HEUNo. The document, published by the IAEA as INFCIRC/912/Add.3, includes the "National Report on Minimising and Eliminating the Use of Highly Enriched Uranium in Civilian Applications."

According to the document, as of 31 December 2018 Norway had less than 1 kg of "unirradiated high enriched uranium at research reactor sites" and about 3 kg of HEU of "irradiated high enriched uranium at research reactor sites."

INFCIRC/912 is a statement in which more than twenty states committed to minimize civilian use of HEU and regularly report on the progress. The first reports were expected to be submitted by 1 May 2017. So far, however, Norway is the only state that issued its national report. It is also notable that while the statement said that the first report could cover historical activities, the Norway report does not include a historical account.