Germany declares its 2011 plutonium and HEU stocks

Germany submitted to IAEA its annual declaration of holdings of civilian plutonium and highly enriched uranium as of December 31, 2011 - INFCIRC/549/Add.2/15.

The document states that at the end of 2011 Germany had 2.1 tonnes of separated unirradiated plutonium "contained in unirradiated MOX fuel or other fabricated products," down from 5.1 tonnes declared in 2010. In addition, 96.0 tonnes of plutonium is contained in spent fuel stored at reactor sites (this number is up from 90.7 in 2010) and 6.0 tonnes - in irradiated fuel "held elsewhere" (this number hasn't changed since 2010).

Germany declared that it has 0.25 tonnes of HEU in research reactors, 0.93 tonnes of irradiated HEU in storage, and 0.03 tonnes of HEU "held elsewhere." The numbers in 2010 were 0.22, 0.93, and 0.03 tonnes respectively.