Brazil adds centrifuges to its enrichment plant

On 30 August 2018, Brazil inaugurated the seventh cascade of centrifuges at its enrichment plant in Resende. With the addition of the cascade the plat is said to have the capacity to produce about 50% of the enriched uranium required for an annual load of the Angra-1 nuclear power reactor.

The reported capacity of the plant corresponds to about 35,000 SWU/year or about 5,000 SWU/year per a cascade. This is in general agreement with the earlier information about operations of the plant - the total capacity of four cascades that operated in 2014 was reported to be 17,000 SWU/year.

The Resende plant began commercial operations in January 2009. At the time the capacity of a cascade was estimated to be 3,200-4,000 SWU/year.