Switzerland declares its 2013 plutonium stock

Switzerland submitted its declaration of civilian plutonium stock as of the end of 2013 - INFCIRC/549/Add.4/18. According to the document, as of December 31, 2013 Switzerland had less than 50 kg of separated plutonium, which is described as "held elsewhere." This has not changed since the 2012 Swiss declaration. The amount of plutonium in spent fuel has increased in 2013 - in the end of 2013 Switzerland reported having 14,000 kg at reactor sites and 4,000 kg "held elsewhere". The numbers in 2012 were 13 tonnes and 4 tonnes respectively. Also, in 2013 Switzerland reported no plutonium in spent fuel sent to reprocessing to other countries. In 2012 it reported 1,000 kg of plutonium in this category.