Facilities: Plutonium separation

The table lists all known reprocessing facilities worldwide as of the end of 2015.

Facility Type Operational status Safeguard status Capacity [tHM/yr]
Jiuquan Civilian Operating (no) 50-100
La Hague UP2 Civilian Operating yes 1000
La Hague UP3 Civilian Operating yes 1000
Trombay Military Operating no 50
Tarapur-I Dual Operating no 100
ADD Tarapur-II Dual Operating no 100
Kalpakkam Dual Operating no 100
Dimona Military Operating no 40-100
Rokkasho Civilian Starting up yes 800
Tokai Civilian Temporarily shut down yes 200
North Korea
Yongbyon Military On stanby no 100-150
Nilore Military Operating no 20-40
Chashma Military Under construction no 50-100
RT-1 Dual Operating no 400
Seversk Military Shut down no [was 6000]
Zheleznogorsk Military Shut down no [was 3500]
United Kingdom
B205 Civilian To be shut down yes 1500
THORP Civilian To be shut down yes 1200
United States
H-Canyon, SRP Converted Special operations no 15